Effectively Managing Restaurant Speed of Service

Speed of service, whether you operate a dine in restaurant or takeout and delivery concept, directly correlates to restaurant profits. Managing speed of service is critical to achieve your operational goals.

Put your point of sale system to work to keep staffing in check and improve efficiency.

Don’t run with a thin staff.

Effective operators monitor labor stats in the POS to save dollars, but stretching labor too tightly can hurt your service and in the end, cost you more. In a dine-in establishment, setting smaller sections for your wait staff can ensure efficient, high-quality service, and let you focus on productivity.

Speedy Tip
Check out the labor planning tutorial on the Customer Service Site.


Be prepared!

Nothing increases table turnover faster than an efficient kitchen. Accurate planning doesn’t need to be a tedious manual process. A modern POS system will generate realistic forecasts automatically based on your sales history. SpeedLine POS, for instance, can recommend detailed food prep plans based on your forecasted sales for the day. Realistic numbers significantly reduce your risk of waste caused by under- or over-prepping.


Replace kitchen printers with Kitchen Display Systems for makeline speed & accuracy.

Think of a kitchen display system as a second expeditor in your kitchen. It provides highly visible, real-time order information to your kitchen staff to help you get orders out efficiently. Whether you run a high-volume quick service operation or a restaurant delivery concept, the KDS provides tools to increase speed of service and guest satisfaction.


Efficient training on the POS system.

The technology that runs your business is crucial for your managers and staff to learn, and stay on top of. From order-entry to back office reporting, managers need to know all the operational ins and outs and key metrics to run things smoothly and make good decisions. Your point of sale system should let employees work in " training mode" too, to practice order entry, learn upselling scripts, and get familiar with new tools and menu changes.

Speedy Tip
Check out the online training videos and tutorials, info and resources, and up-to-date user documentation on the SpeedLine Customer Support Site. 


Posted on Sun, Dec 15, 2013 @ 10:12 AM.
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