Restaurant Marketing: Are You Optimizing Your Customer Database?

Marketing to your existing customers is the most cost-effective tool in your SpeedLine POS marketing toolbox.

“We started capturing email addresses. We want to keep track of email addresses in our SpeedLine system so we can use our POS database to power up our email marketing. We are going to [keep sending] limited-time offers, such as ‘order before we close today and get a free dessert.'”
-Dennis Sheil, Owner, Pizza Factory

The cost of database marketing is directly related to the accuracy of your customer information. Duplicate records and incomplete or incorrect addresses make this type of marketing more expensive and less effective. Imagine investing time and money in a customer mailing, only to have half your mailers returned as undeliverable. Here are some quick tips to avoid this scenario by maintaining an accurate database:

  • Train your staff to enter complete addresses
  • Import a street or prospect database into your POS system to auto-fill and validate addresses and ZIP codes automatically
  • Assign someone to review your New Customer Report weekly to ensure that full addresses are entered for new customers

Accurate customer data can lead to accurate results!

To learn more about how Dennis used his SpeedLine POS system to conduct marketing campaigns read the full case study here.


Posted on Mon, Jul 13, 2015 @ 09:07 AM.
Updated on November 9, 2023 @ 9:57 PM PST.

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