A Restaurant Technology Checklist for Pizza and Delivery Operators

Restaurant operations can be complicated, but the right tools can streamline, simplify, and drive sales. This article explores the top features and functionalities your restaurant POS needs to be equipped with to handle the mad rush of today's hungry customers.

Streamlined Online Ordering

Web and mobile ordering give your customers multiple convenient ways to order for delivery or pickup. Easy online access lets viewers browse all your menu selections, often enhanced with images. That's why people spend more—and order more frequently—when they have the option to order online.

Generate higher web and mobile sales with:

  • Live store pricing
  • Streamlined ordering workflows
  • Unlimited transactions

Test your restaurant's online ordering efficiency with the Online Ordering Score Calculator.

Smarter Delivery Dispatch

83% of pizzerias rely on delivery as a key source of revenue. When it comes to delivery, every second counts. Delivering food hot, fresh, and on time can be a juggling act. But with the right delivery management system, savvy operators can streamline delivery, slash labor costs, and deliver piping hot pizza to their customers’ doors.

With detailed delivery tracking and driver management, you can:

  • Dispatch with live online mapping data from LiveMaps
  • Auto-send addresses to your driver’s smartphone 
  • Send customers automated delivery notifications
  • Provide accurate promise times
  • Customize delivery zones

Read this eBook to learn more about proven techniques to manage driver performance and delivery efficiency.


Advanced Inventory Solution

Balancing walk-in space and slow-moving menu items can give any restaurant operator a headache. Take the stress out of inventory management with your POS system’s tracking software. Inventory is cash on your shelves, so waste, over-stocking, theft, and spoilage immediately impact a restaurant’s bottom line—often to the tune of thousands of dollars per year. 

Designed to handle menu complexities that most restaurant inventory software can’t handle, SpeedLine Inventory allows you to:

  • Tie up less capital in stock
  • Reduce waste
  • Improve margins

See how SpeedLine's automated pizzeria inventory software gives you control over food costs
and waste.


Sophisticated Menu Management

Pizza is complex—from create-your-own pizzas to half-and-half orders— so keeping tight control over your menu reduces inventory errors and decreases food costs. With a POS made for pizza, restaurant owners can take the guesswork out of scheduling and food prep with projected daily and hourly sales, sales by day part, and order type. Your point of sale system should offer you tighter controls over your pizza menu management, with functionalities like:

  • Conversational Ordering
  • Kitchen Displays
  • Guided Ordering
  • Item Routing and Printing
  • Accurate Pricing
  • Flexible Coupons & Promotions
  • Loyalty & Marketing
  • Planning & Forecasting
  • Integrations

To learn more about how you can create and manage a menu that will best serve your business and its customers, read our eBook: Creating Great Menus for Your Restaurant.


Ready to learn more about how to find the right POS for your pizza restaurant? Check out our guide for small business owners.

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