A Restaurant Technology Checklist for Pizza and Delivery Operators

Restaurant operations can be complicated, but the right tools can streamline, simplify, and drive sales and profitability.


Online ordering.

Web and mobile ordering give your customers convenient ways to order. And easy online access lets viewers browse all your menu selections, often enhanced with images. That's why people spend more—and order more frequently—when they have the option to order online.

Delivery Dispatch.  

Delivery can be one of the most difficult areas to manage efficiently, yet 83% of pizzerias rely on it as a key source of revenue. Delivering food hot, fresh, and on time can be a juggling act. But with the right systems in place, savvy operators can streamline delivery, slash labor costs, and deliver piping hot pizza to their customers’ doors.New Call-to-Action

Database Marketing.

For a delivery restaurant, the customer database is the core of the point of sale system. 


Fingerprint security.

Fingerprint scanners drastically reduce the risk of fraudulent discounts, cash shrink, and time-theft. If a staff member wanted to void a ticket and sneak the cash for themselves, they would need to have a manager’s warm finger handy. Security is important: employee theft is far more common than you might think.



Balancing walk-in space and slow moving menu items can give any restaurant operator a headache. Take the stress out of inventory management with your POS system’s tracking software. Inventory is cash on your shelves, so waste, over-stocking, theft, and spoilage immediately impact a restaurant’s bottom line—often to the tune of thousands of dollars per year.


Mobile Apps.

Mobile apps are driving business to restaurants in your area. According to the National Restaurant Association, three in 10 consumers have viewed or posted reviews on Yelp, UrbanSpoon, or similar sites. Even if you’re not crazy about their sales methods, you can’t afford to ignore them completely.


Menu Management.

Pizza is complex—from create-your-own pizzas to half and half orders— so keeping tight control over your menu reduces inventory errors and decreases food costs. Your point of sale system should offer you tighter controls over your pizza menu, so choosing a POS system built for pizza is critical.New Call to action

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