How Restaurant Owners are Enhancing the Takeout Process

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Takeout represents a large portion of off-premise sales. As a substantial source of revenue for pizzerias and other restaurants alike, your takeout site and its menu must offer a positive experience that will keep your customers returning. Below are three questions restaurant owners continuously ask themselves to optimize the takeout process.

1. Do my Menu Items Survive the Takeout Process?

Certain dishes don't travel well. Your customers won't care about the quality of your ingredients, affordable prices, or speed of your kitchen staff if your menu items can't handle the unique hurdles of the takeout process. While some dishes are destined to disappoint takeout customers, others travel quite reliably. Thoroughly vet your takeout menu for items that don't reheat well, get soggy quickly, or have a short shelf life. This likely means making some tough decisions about menu items that are popular for dine-in customers, but might not be right for travel. Dishes not arriving as expected can result in existing customers thinking the quality of your food has gone down or discouraging new customers from trying your restaurant again.

2. Is my Packaging Right for the Job?

Like your takeout menu, careful consideration must also go into selecting the containers and packaging for your dishes. For example, although long considered the standard for takeout and delivery, Styrofoam is notoriously bad at ventilating, leading to a soggy meal. Poking holes in the lid is an option, but this can lead to spills and leaks. A great option to consider is paperboard packaging; it allows air to escape and is a much better choice for fast-food (while being eco-friendly). (To learn more about the pros and cons of different food containers, read A Complete Breakdown of Food Container Options.)

Make your takeout/delivery process an extension of your restaurant's brand—professional photos, branded colors, and logos for your online ordering site are all excellent options to elevate your restaurant's branding. However, it's important to remember that your takeout packaging is also an excellent branding opportunity. You can actively market your business long after the customer's order has left the premise by adding your restaurant's logo or name to your packaging. A takeout marketing strategy is especially great for restaurants that heavily rely on takeout orders to attract new customers.

3. What Incentive am I Providing?

Downsizing your takeout menu presents the perfect opportunity to build a sense of exclusivity. Create promotions, discounts, coupons, and other special offers only available for takeout orders. This can be as simple as a 15% discount off a large pizza, or as complex as a family combo complete with an extra-large pizza, two-liter of pop, breadsticks, and a side of wings for a special price. In addition to creating an incentive, it's also an excellent way to promote your business through social media, your website, and anywhere else your customers are likely to read and want to learn more.


Takeout is an excellent option for restaurants looking to increase their revenue and extend their reach. However, it's important for owners to review every step of the takeout process with a keen eye; available dishes, packages, and incentives are all essential components towards building a well-branded and streamlined takeout experience for your customers. To learn more about how you can optimize your online ordering site, read 8 Steps to Hone Your Online Menu for Deliveries.

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