Design Tips for Developing Your Pizzeria Website

By Graham Masters

Taking your pizzeria online? There are design tools available now that make it possible to design your own website without a lot of technical knowledge—and a lot of semi-skilled web designers out there are willing to take your money. But your website has to be designed with the goal of attracting customers, making it easy to order, and encouraging larger orders, or it may inadvertently drive visitors to your competitors.

Website Design Basics

Whether you do it yourself or hire professionals, here are some points to help you go in the right direction from the start:

  1. Responsiveness
    Chances are, your customers will use their phones to search for you. Make sure your site design is responsive, so it looks great—and is easy to use—on a small phone or tablet display.
  2. Accessible Information
    Place the most important details about your restaurant on the front page, and repeat them at the top of each page. Don’t forget your locations, phone number, web ordering link, and hours. If you deliver, consider outlining your delivery area in a visible place too.
  3. Feature Best Sellers
    Feature some of your best sellers or most profitable menu items on your home page. Use a large enough font that people don't have to struggle to read it. And avoid clutter that distracts from the information visitors need. Consider changing your best sellers or promo items regularly to keep the page fresh.
  4. Rewards and Loyalty
    Let customers use rewards and add their loyalty info during checkout, and have a section on your site where customers can check their reward balance and edit their account info.
  5. Clean and Clear
    Make sure your menu pages are simple and clutter-free, with clean graphics and concise information. Your customers want to see what you have, with short, clear descriptions and pricing. Well laid out ordering pages can drive add-on sales and increase your average order size. (For more tips on increasing order size, see Online Ordering: The Ultimate Upsell?.)
  6. An Easily Located Menu
    Make your menu easy to find by adding clean bold links on your home page "above the fold" —make sure it’s prominently visible on screen, without scrolling.
  7. Additional Services
    Add links to any additional services you offer, such as catering and parties. Even if customers have to phone the store to order, link to a page with a few details of the service and your phone number —it gives these services visibility.
  8. Deals, Special Offers, and Add-Ons
    Create a page for your deals, coupons, and special offers; add clear buttons or links on your home page to these. Consider creating LTO menu items, meal deals, and specials. Coincide them with special events such as sports shows, holidays, or other events. Maximize margin and boost add-on sales by focusing offers on sides, desserts, and drinks.
  9. Branding
    Use your logo and brand colors as the basis for your website's color theme. Add attractive graphics to your site pages and menu that represent your brand. Where possible, use professional images of your own products and restaurant in place of clipart or stock images.
  10. Interactivity
    Consider adding other forms of interactivity to make your website more dynamic. Use online customer surveys, or post polls to see what customers would like.

This is just scratching the surface of what you can do. Once you begin, you'll discover your own strategies for marketing your brand online, and driving new customers to your door. Today, more than half of all sales at three of the four leading pizza brands come from digital channels. If you don’t have a high-performing website for your restaurant, start now to avoid missing out on a lot of potential sales.


Posted on Mon, Jun 06, 2016 @ 09:06 AM.
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Posted by Graham Masters

Graham is the Graphic Designer/Webmaster for SpeedLine Solutions and is responsible for everything beautiful about our site. Using his decades of experience, Graham is always looking for new and innovative ways to push the boundaries of our brand.

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