Restaurant Online Ordering Site Best Practices: The Footer

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An online ordering site involves a lot of moving pieces, not least of which is the “footer” section that appears at the bottom of all pages. When used properly, the footer of your site can be a great tool for improving your sales and customer experience. If you’re a restaurant wanting to make the most of your online ordering website, here are some suggestions for how you can do that with your footer. 


Copyright Notice

Although a copyright notice might not seem particularly exciting, it is an important element of your ordering site that appears in the footer. The reason every footer needs a copyright notice is that it helps to protect the various elements of your website (i.e. images of your food) from being stolen and used elsewhere. Something as simple as the copyright symbol followed by the year should do the trick.

Speedy Tip

If you have a SpeedDine site, the copyright notice is automatically included and annually updated on your behalf.


Privacy Policy

This is one of the few online ordering site elements that is actually required by law. Whenever you are collecting customer information, which is a key part of taking online orders, you must have a privacy policy that is easily accessible on your site. The best way to do this is to have a  link to your privacy policy in your footer.



While the main page of your ordering site is obviously going to have a menu showing your food, there are some other areas of your site that you want customers to be able to find. This might include your list of locations or the story of your company. A link to your sitemap in your footer helps your customers to easily navigate through your ordering site. 



Contact Information

When your customers need to contact your store, you want to make it easy for them. The best way to do this is to include your contact information in your footer. Whether this is just an email address or includes a phone number and store address is completely up to you. You might also want to think about including your store hours of operation to make it easy for customers to know when they can and can’t place an order.



Social Media Accounts

With 72% of customers using Facebook to help decide which restaurants to eat at, and pizza being the most Instagrammed food, you can’t afford to miss out on the power of social media. Not only should you have your own social media accounts for your restaurant, but you should also be including links to these accounts within your footer. So rather than wasting time trying to search for you across the various platforms, customers can simply click on the social media logo and be directly taken to your official page.



Custom Message

This is your chance to get really creative with the footer and come up with a creative message for your customers to see every time they visit your ordering site. This message could be as simple as, “thanks for ordering” or “we hope to see you again soon.” 


However, you can also choose a more comprehensive message informing customers about company updates or important ordering information.


The ordering site footer can also be a good spot for a brief synopsis of your company, especially if you don’t have a dedicated “about us” page.


By filling your ordering site footer with one or more of these types of information, you can help make the most of your ordering site. From there, make sure to check out our blog post on how to get more customers to use your online ordering site.


Make the Most of Your Ordering Site


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