Are You Delivering a Great Service?

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Have you observed your delivery service through the eyes of your customers recently? Could there be shortcomings in your service that you may be missing? Without experiencing your own delivery, you might be falling short of some key customer service points.


Audit Your Delivery Process

The best way to evaluate the effectiveness of your delivery process is to break it down into a simple checklist and perform a thorough audit. You might find that perhaps your delivery technology isn’t as up to date as you thought it was. Maybe the food arriving at your customer’s door is far below your standard, or your delivery drivers have become lazy in the way they represent your brand. 


Use a Delivery Checklist

To help you quickly comb through your delivery service and find the most important areas to improve, we’ve assembled a free 11-point audit for your use. The checklist walks you through branding, driver training, packaging, customer experience, and performance monitoring. Not only will it help you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your current delivery process, but you may just discover an aspect of delivery that you haven’t thought to take advantage of yet. This can range from creating an attractive online ordering experience to properly branding your deliveries.


Evaluate Your Results

At the end of the audit, you’ll be given a final score. This score is categorized to reveal the quality of your delivery service. The more honest you are, the more accurate your results will be.

The following is a preview of what to expect from the delivery audit checklist. Would your delivery service earn a high score in the “On Time Delivery” section?

Delivery Audit Preview, On Time Delivery

A delivery audit is designed to highlight the areas in which your delivery service is operating exceptionally, but more importantly, it reveals specific pain-points in your delivery service that could use some attention. 


Deliver a Great Service

After calculating your score, you might have a better sense about how your customers view your delivery service. If you receive a poor score, don’t panic! As will be explained to you in the download, there are many options available to help you get your delivery service to where it should be. After all, it’s much easier to improve weak scoring categories if you know exactly which delivery points to target.

Get started on auditing your delivery service now with this free resource:

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