SpeedLine Customer of the Month: Supremo's Pizzeria

Posted by Lisa Siddons

Lisa was the Technical Documentation Specialist for SpeedLine Solutions from 2006 to 2022, which means she knows the pizza industry like the back of her hand.

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Supremo’s Pizzeria founders Don and Gayle Speicher set out with the goal of providing top notch customer satisfaction while making the best product possible—Where Taste Reigns SUPREME™.

The Speichers’ son, Steve, has been integral to the success of the family business. Steve’s passion for pizza started in college when he began driving for Supremo’s Pizza. Today, he keeps his parents’ goals in mind, managing the North Hills location as well as the company’s digital marketing materials and revisions to the point of sale menu and coupons.

We caught up with Steve to find out more about Supremo’s Pizzeria and the impact the SpeedLine point of sale system has had in many different areas of their business.

Operational Efficiency

On Point: What front of house changes have you seen since installing SpeedLine?

Steve: “Since our SpeedLine installation, we have drastically improved our order entry times. Our mistakes have dropped to minimal, and the remaining ones are volume based as opposed to system based.”

Cost Savings

On Point: "It’s no secret that restaurant margins can be slim. How has SpeedLine helped you cut costs?"

Steve: “Food and labor costs have dropped more than 20%. Labor is down due to faster order entry—we cut our phone calls down from 2 minutes to 30 seconds with SpeedLine, due in part to the integration of online ordering with [SpeedLine's technology partner] Brygid. On top of that, we’ve saved nearly seven minutes on out-the-door time for delivery.”

Sales Increases

On Point: "Many pizza operators find that the customer data in their point of sale systems is critical to growing the business. Has this been your experience?"

Steve: “Our sales have been up every year since installation. In the first year, the amount of extra dressing and sauce cups we sold just about paid for our system, not to mention the upselling prompts helped increase our average ticket. Currently, we’re taking advantage of the back end of Store Manager to help with generating more sales. Having reports broken down into sizes and categories has helped us immensely with menu decisions.”

Delivery Performance

On Point: "How has using SpeedLine LiveMaps impacted your delivery service?"

Steve: “I don’t know how we got by without LiveMaps before SpeedLine. It is so crucial. Sometimes you’ll see a delivery come in on the ticket and think it’s going north, but really it’s going west and it just happens to have the same street name and zip, only differentiated by Drive/Lane/Road.”

“LiveMaps helps to keep our drivers headed in the right direction and helps us know when they are expected back so we can have the next order just out of the oven and ready to go the minute they’re back—which ensures the customer is getting the hottest food possible.
Our deliveries are getting to our customers faster due to LiveMaps and being able to email the map link to the drivers automatically at dispatch.”


On Point: “A technology solution is only as good as its support services. What has your experience been with SpeedLine Support?"

Steve: “Support has provided a very positive experience. Our old POS system gave us problem after problem, but SpeedLine has given us the competitive advantage to dominate the markets we are in.”

Advice to Other Operators

On Point: "Do you have any advice to share with other pizzeria operators?"

Steve: “Don’t think about your cost to purchase the system. Think about how it’s going to improve your operation. In order entry alone, you’re going to save labor, and once you add in an online ordering system that goes directly to your POS, you’re really going to save time, labor, and overall stress in the kitchen.”

“SpeedLine has honestly been one of the best business decisions we’ve made. So much of our growth is due to SpeedLine; we’d never consider another POS at this point.”

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