Why Cloud Reporting Is a Game Changer for Restaurants

Posted by Brandon Tucker

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The days of printing off reports and staring at endless rows of numbers are quickly being left in the past with Cloud Reporting in its place, which provides many advantages for restaurants. 


1. Accessible From Anywhere

With traditional reporting, you’re limited to accessing vital information about your business while still within the four walls of your restaurant. So once you step out that front door, you’re essentially cut off from your business operations. But with cloud Reporting, your business is wherever you are. As long as you have a computer, tablet, or phone within arm’s reach, you’ll always be able to get real-time data for all of your essential POS reports.


2. One-Click Explanations

A common reporting issue for pizzeria owners and managers is the inability to get explanations behind their data points. While having all of your numbers in one place can be a great way to spot trends or anomalies, it doesn’t give you the chance to uncover the reasons behind these changes. When using Cloud Reporting, you can click on any data point, and a pop-up window appears, displaying a deep dive into any information you want to clarify.


3. Real-Time Email Alerts

When managing the day-to-day operations, knowing what’s happening at any given time is half the battle. If you’re only getting your information when you run an end-of-day report, you’re missing out on the opportunity to fix issues as they arise. Simply speaking, you’re always going to be starting behind the 8-ball. 

By switching to SpeedLine Cloud Reporting & Analytics, you can take advantage of the pulse alert feature to get instantly notified whenever a data type of your choice reaches a pre-determined level. For example, if you want to monitor voids closely, you can set a pulse alert to automatically email you anytime the number of daily voids reaches 5. That way, you can talk to your managers or employees and figure out why so many voids happening. 

Speedy Tip

Frequent voids can signal that there is employee theft happening. But here are some other ways that employees steal from restaurants.

The bottom line is that basic reporting and Cloud Reporting couldn’t be further apart. They might be the same basic principle, but it’s basically the difference between paper armor and gold armor. And with every day being a battle to increase sales or keep your days open, wouldn’t you rather be going into battle with the best protection possible? Get your gold armor by upgrading to our SpeedLine Cloud Reporting & Analytics today.

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Posted on Wed, Apr 13, 2022 @ 09:04 AM.
Updated on June 22, 2022 @ 6:04 PM PST.

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