Using the SpeedLine Sales Mix for Price Modeling and Cost Analysis

Want to know the actual cost to make each pizza and entrée, and calculate the food cost percentage for each item on your menu? What would be the practical impact of a price change on revenue?

With the SpeedLine Sales Mix, you can test drive price changes or inventory settings without affecting your current menu setup. Easily compare food cost with selling price, or project the impact of a price change or cost increase on a typical day’s gross sales.

Easily test new or existing menu item prices without altering your menu file. Add SpeedLine Inventory for detailed product margin reporting.

Pricing analysis is a challenge for any restaurant operator. The SpeedLine Sales Mix can help in several ways:


Work on your menu pricing anytime, anywhere.

Work on price updates and analysis in the back office (even during store hours), at head office, or even at home. Because the Sales Mix contains a pricing engine, you don’t need access to the live point of sale system to test price changes.


See the effect of price changes on a typical day’s sales.  

For easy price modeling, import a previous day’s orders using the Sales Mix wizard. Make a pricing change (or combination of changes), and immediately see the effect on ticket totals and the day’s sales.


See the cost of ingredients and food cost percentage.

If you also use SpeedLine Inventory software, the Sales Mix has access to all your stock item costs and recipes, so it can show you the direct cost of any menu item, including modifiers. It also calculates food cost percentage for the imported tickets—and SpeedLine Inventory lets you report the margin on every product you sell.

Beyond the pricing analysis benefits, the Sales Mix also saves time in Inventory software setup. Because you can test your Inventory setup without making it live, you can complete setup faster. No need to wait for end of day to see the impact: test your updates in real time against an imported Sales Mix.

A detailed price testing and product costing tool like the SpeedLine Sales Mix can be invaluable when deciding on menu prices or modeling price and cost changes. How important are time savings and menu insights to your business? It’s a question worth considering when you are ready to evaluate the value of a point of sale solution for your business.

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Posted on Thu, Jan 08, 2015 @ 09:01 AM.
Updated on June 22, 2022 @ 4:33 PM PST.

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