How to Ensure You’re Ready to Install Your New POS

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You’ve made the leap and purchased a new point of sale system. After a comprehensive search, it may feel like the bulk of the work is over—but there is still much to do in order to ensure a successful POS rollout.

Your POS vendor’s installation team should be in contact with you to start the process, answer your questions, and help you get ready for the big day. Expect many questions about your business and menu.

Before a new POS installation:

At SpeedLine, we use surveys to gather this information well in advance. To make sure the process is smooth sailing, answer your vendor’s questions as thoroughly as possible, and send in your full menu. For SpeedLine installations, we custom design your POS menu, offer a preview, and get your approval, so your installer can focus on training while on site.

New SpeedLine customer? Head over to the SpeedLine Customer Support site for installation planning, FAQs, and training.

If you are a franchise or corporate location, make sure you speak with your head office in advance to get all of the information you need. In many instances, your franchise or corporate head office will have specific things they would like you trained on.

New businesses:

New businesses have a few more things to look out for. If your building is brand new, or you’ve been doing renovations to the existing location, make sure you have your occupancy and city permits before installation day. The installer can’t start until you have everything ready to go, including permits, electricity, counters and shelves, cabling, and phone lines.


Take advantage of training:

Take advantage of the training offered by your new point of sale provider. SpeedLine customers are given access to the SpeedLine Customer Support site long before installation day. On the provider’s training site, you can often find tutorials and videos to help you study up in advance.  

During the installation, your installer will provide hands-on training for you and your team. Coordinate your schedule with the POS installation coordinator to make sure you have managers, supervisors, and as many staff as possible present for the training they need. Make sure that the necessary staff aren't only scheduled to be onsite during the install, but also have time set aside to work with the installer. This will ensure they aren't pulled away by their regular duties, and get the training they need. Having your team properly trained will ensure things go smoothly on “go live” day.

Set yourself up for success by being prepared to get the most from your installation and POS investment.


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