Inside Snapchat Marketing for Restaurants

By Tricia Hoy

If you are not already using Snapchat to market your pizzeria or QSR location, you are missing out. With eight billion mobile videos currently viewed daily, Snapchat is gaining popularity. In fact, in a recent study from statista it ranks as the most popular social media site among US teens and young adults.

What sets Snapchat apart from other social media platforms is its temporary nature. Snapchat “snaps” or photos are only seen by the viewer for 10 seconds (or shorter, as specified by the user). The content is deleted within 24 hours.

With information exchange at this rate of speed, Snapchat excels at creating urgency and motivating action. So how can you use this Snapchat-generated urgency in a campaign to increase restaurant sales?


Consider these snappy strategies:

Tell a story – Skip the hard sell, and tell a story instead. Consider branding and connection by optimizing multiple snaps that tell an engaging story:

Post a series of snaps to illustrate a timeline of brand milestones. Use photo snaps to illustrate an event that makes a positive impact in your community. Highlight the build-out of a new location (or a renovation) in a series of snaps. Profile your staff.

Even better, use short video clips of guests enjoying your product. Illustrate (quickly) how your pizza is made, or show off an extremely long cheese pull!

New Products and LTO’s –  Snap a photo of a new menu item to entice customers. Or snap out a memorable promo code for a special discount. Feature high margin extras to increase add-on sales of side items such as bread sticks, wings and salads.

Using your POS system, track the discount codes from your Snapchat promotions. State-of-the-art coupon controls make it easy to select, track, and control the expiration of coupons.

Download this guide for more ideas on social media marketing for your pizza or delivery restaurant:

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