Extend the Life of Your POS Terminal [Hardware Maintenance]

Your point of sale equipment is the lifeblood of your business. Without it, you cannot run your day-to-day operations, as the POS handles your orders, your customer data, and your money. With this much riding on your POS system, you will want to keep it in optimal condition.

Posiflex has a long- and well-known legacy of durability. Most models have a fanless design, which do not need vents. So, dust and other elements don’t get trapped inside the computer. Many Posiflex products also have solid state drives, which have no moving parts. You don’t have to worry about having to clean the POS system out due to fans drawing in debris, or worry about moving parts from a hard drive that can fail at any moment. Most Posiflex terminals are also spill-resistant, so liquid from spilled drinks or splashes from a nearby sink are no longer issues.  But, just like any equipment, normal wear and tear will eventually happen. Continual maintenance of your equipment will extend the life of your Posiflex hardware even further.

Here are some quick preventative measures you can take to ensure your POS equipment is in tip-top shape:


System Diagnostics

  • Run System Diagnostic program such as PassMark BurnInTest Software or equivalent
  • Run WDC Data Lifeguard Diagnostic software to check for bad blocks on WDC drives. Tools may vary based on HDD manufacture
  • Run Virus check daily
  • Run Windows Diagnostics tools such as Defrag. on a frequent basis

General Maintenance

  • Clean touch panel with anti-static display cleaner
  • Check for broken interface plugs such as power cords, serial or USB cables and replace immediately
  • Avoid pushing buttons on touch screen with the tip of a pen, a corner of a credit card, or even with sharp fingernails

POS Peripherals

  • Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR):
    • For a fingerprint-triggered MSR, use a piece of tape to clean debris from the fingerprint lens. Do not use chemicals as it can cause damage to fingerprint lens coating
    • Clean MSR head with anti-static cleaner
  • Secondary Monitor
    • Clean touch screen with anti-static display cleaner
  • Cash Drawer
    • Remove the cash drawer tray and clear out debris stuck on the inside such as old receipts, bill or coins

Many of these tips are fortunately rather simple. For lower-end POS systems, you may need to put extra effort, time and money into maintenance. With Posiflex products, you get a longer total cost of ownership because of its renowned quality and reliability—and just simple maintenance will extend the life of your products even further.


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Posted on Wed, May 08, 2019 @ 08:05 AM.
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