Super Bowl Sunday: Marketing to Sports Fans

By Elizabeth Kelly

The biggest day in American sports is coming up: Super Bowl. Are you ready?

This year’s Super Bowl falls on Sunday, February 2nd, and many restaurants and pizzerias are already preparing. Pizza is the most popular choice for fans at parties and at home. Super Bowl Sunday sends sales spiking for most pizza delivery concepts, with some operators expecting to do double or triple a typical Sunday’s sales.

How can you make the most of game day? Market to sports fans.

Game-winning deals

Keep from being slammed with last minute orders on Super Bowl Sunday by offering incentives for customers to order in advance. Offer discounts or add-ons for orders placed two to three days before the game. Most Super Bowl party plans are made weeks ahead of the actual game, so encourage hosts to order early.

Try offering a discount for pick-up orders to help keep your delivery times in check on the big day. Make this a regular occurrence for big game days to keep local sports fans coming back.

Host the party

Do you offer dine-in? Be ready to host the hottest Super Bowl party in town! Show the game, and consider specials such as football shaped pizzas, team themed appetizers, and contests—or just a great deal. To cater to sports fans going forward, regularly show the games, publish a branded game calendar, and make game day a weekly event all season long.

Get involved

Show your team spirit by getting involved with your local little league teams. Donate pizzas or offer to host postseason pizza parties. Use your point of sale system’s coupons and reporting options to track associated sales.

Be ready for a busy Super Bowl Sunday, and good luck to your favorite team!  


Posted on Wed, Jan 17, 2018 @ 08:01 AM.
Updated on April 30, 2020 @ 4:55 PM PST.

Posted by Elizabeth Kelly

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