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Are your managers meeting the sales and service targets you set? How does the performance of different shift managers compare? This issue covers an often overlooked feature in SpeedLine that can help you answer these questions easily with a few button touches. shift_snapshots_report


Shift Snapshots capture your store sales, delivery, labor, and cash stats at a moment in time during the business day. You can set snapshots to be taken when a manager clocks out, or you can take them at any time from the Terminal Manager screen. The Shift Snapshots report then lets you compare the performance of all managers over the time period you choose and coach staff appropriately.

Set Up Shift Snapshots

Like many features, snapshots are set up in Store Manager. They’ll only be taken for the departments or employees who have the Take Snapshot check box selected.

  1. In Store Manager, click the Settings tab and go to People> Employee Options> Setup.
  2. Look at the Take Snapshot setting.
    Normally it’s set to Department, so you can apply snapshots to all employees in the manager or shift manager department. If you set it to Employee, you’ll need to open the profile of any employees you want to take snapshots for to select the Take Snapshots check box.
  3. Click the Departments tab and select Take Snapshot for the manager or shift manager departments (if you’re setting snapshots by employee, the setting is on the employee’s Jobs tab).

That’s it. A snapshot of sales and other data will be taken every time employees clock out, or whenever you touch the Take Snapshot button on the Terminal Manager screen.

View the Shift Snapshot Report

  1. After running Day End, go to the Reports tab in Store Manager.
  2. In the Employee group, click Shift Snapshots.
  3. Click Run Report and select a time period to compare performance over.
  4. On the Employee ID page, click Next to compare all employees who have Take Snapshot selected, or select an individual employee (more than one employee cannot be selected).
  5. Complete the wizard. A preview of your report displays.
  6. Print the report on a report printer, or print to file to save in a format such as Excel.

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Label Printers

Labels help you get the right pizza and sides to your customers as quickly as possible, and at some stores they do double duty as make tickets.


SpeedLine prints three label sizes to suit any packaging, and delivery instructions can be printed on a second "notes" label separate from the item label.


Label printers are available in the SpeedLine Store.

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