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In July, SpeedLine had the opportunity to participate in  Pizza Marketplace’s 2022 Virtual Pizza Leadership Summit and host Tech Talk: The Power to Make Sound Decisions. The Tech Talk was an interview with SpeedLine Solutions’ CEO & President, John deWolde, and Jet’s Pizza’s CTO, Jacqueline Keena, where they talked about the impact of SpeedLine's Cloud Reporting and Analytics on Jet’s Pizza’s business. 

We have put together a list of Jacqueline's four biggest takeaways about using SpeedLine's Cloud Reporting and Analytics.


1. Reinvest Saved Time in Other Areas

Manually building reports (the calculations and input of information) can be extremely time-consuming. Once the proper information is assembled, you still need to analyze the data to understand how it impacts your bottom line. When we spoke with Jacqueline, she was all too familiar with the time it took to gather this information before Cloud Reporting and Analytics.

We started with many different POS systems, online ordering systems, and many different platforms to gather the data from—it was a huge time investment to gather even the most top-level data. Consolidating much of that data into a single platform [Cloud Reporting and Analytics] has been a huge time saver and allows us to reinvest that time that we save into analysis and planning future technology investments.” - Jacqueline Keena, CTO of Jet’s Pizza


2. Act on Real-Time Data

There is something to be said about real-time data; being able to act on and make decisions about your business as it is happening brings immeasurable value that was never possible before. Jacqueline says, “To me, Cloud Reporting is about gathering the right data, right now, which allows us the agility to act on that data in real-time. We have greater insight into effective technology, and especially marketing investments. There is nothing worse than being frozen in place as the rest of the restaurant landscape accelerates around us.” 

For something like marketing campaigns, timing is everything—don't let the moment pass because you couldn't access the information in time. Stay in the know about your business at all times and make sure you can make timely decisions when they are needed.


3. Understand Multiple Locations at Once

As an owner or franchisee with multiple locations, it can be challenging to consistently know how each location is performing. Cloud Reporting and Analytics allows you to be in multiple places at once, no matter where you are by allowing you to see how all your locations are performing and the areas in which they are excelling or could use some assistance. 

We have an internal program to help franchisees improve their sales and operations, it’s intended to target those that need a little bit of extra help, so the Cloud Reporting [and Analytics] across the franchise helps us to identify those locations that need assistance and offer them guidance without them ever having to even reach out. We can use metrics like their sales and delivery times and see who is struggling with times and probably having customers that are a little disappointed because their deliveries are late, and target those franchisees to give them extra assistance from our team-building department”, says Jacqueline.


4. Predict Trends for Your Business

Staying ahead of your competitors is imperative. Predicting the trends of your business activities and customers based on purchasing behaviors can save you time and money while keeping your customers happy and staying ahead of the competition.

With the pace of business changing and circumstances that are changing, we are really excited about the predictive analysis, the trend analysis identifying new trends in customer behavior, and getting out ahead of them and getting out ahead of where the customers are going to spend their money and knowing, forecasting for the business, forecasting for purchasing⁠—in marketing that’s really an interest for us, especially with our interest in AI technology going forward,” says Keena. Knowing the next steps for your business is a game changer because it not only keeps you in it but keeps you in front.

To watch the full interview and learn more about Jacqueline Keena’s experience using SpeedLine's Cloud Reporting and Analytics, check out Tech Talk: The Power to Make Sound Decisions.

[Video Interview] Tech Talk: The Power to Make Sound Decisions

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