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Generate More Profit with These Delivery Tools

heatmap.jpgIf you've already replaced your old wall map with a live digital dispatch system, it's time for the next step. Ready to learn more about delivery management tools in SpeedLine? 

1. Find and fix problems in your delivery area.

SpeedLine LiveMaps can show you a heatmap that highlights areas with frequent late deliveries. Use this info to update fees, promise times, or zone boundaries. Heat map reports can also show sales and coupon use in your trade area.

2. Equip new drivers to deliver like pros. 

Automatically send directions for each stop on the run to your drivers' smart phones, for hands free navigation. Even new or fill-in drivers who don't know the area well can get orders to customers hot and on time. 

3. Keep customers in the loop, and avoid callbacks.

Set the POS to send a delivery confirmation with an accurate ETA in current traffic when you dispatch each order. 


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