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Great Expectations: Quoting Accurate Promise Times


Driver_at_door.jpgAre you keeping tabs on your store delivery stats? If the Quoted Times section of your Day report is showing late deliveries, take time now to look at how you quote promise times.  

Most operators find that longer delivery times, while not ideal, are not what leads to customer dissatisfaction. Customers can plan around quoted promise times of an hour or even longer. Where the real damage happens from a customer satisfaction standpoint is in setting the expectation that a delivery will arrive at 6 PM, and then not showing up until 6:15. Or  6:30. Or 6:45. Sound familiar?

SpeedLine can help solve this problem by providing accurate, flexible quoted times and driver ETA’s.


New: LiveMaps ETAs

If you’re using SpeedLine LiveMaps for deliveries, you can set up the system to include a driver ETA in the Delivery Confirmation email sent to customers when an order is dispatched.

Based on the actual dispatch time, this ETA factors in traffic en route, so it can provide an accurate update to the original quoted time.

In the latest version of SpeedLine, you can even see the ETA for each order on the Dispatch screen and on the map.

Adjusting Quoted Times

If the Quoted Times report shows your quoted times could use a tuneup, check the settings in the Store Manager back office software:
  • Quoted Time ModeAutomatic quoted times will be most accurate for deliveries at most stores.
    • Auto-calculated quoted times are based on the dollar value of open tickets in the kitchen, and the actual out the door (OTD) times of delivery orders dispatched earlier that day. In this mode, quoted times self-adjust to allow for peak time order volumes, or things like short-staffing of prep cooks and drivers.
    • Manual quoted time mode is best for Pickup orders. If you notice customers have been waiting to pick up their food, increase the manual minutes setting, or take a look at kitchen staffing.
  • Accurate On the Road Time—In Automatic mode, SpeedLine adds an automatically calculated OTD time to a one-way “on the road” time to determine the quoted time for deliveries.
    • To set a realistic on the road time, run the Out the Door/Delivery Times report for a typical two-week period. Divide the Average Delivery Time in half, and enter this number for the Automatic On The Road Minutes.
  • Adjust for Distant Delivery Zones or Rush Hour Traffic—SpeedLine lets you add extra minutes to the baseline quoted time for each delivery zone.
    • Double-click a delivery zone, and in the Quoted Time Adjustment field, enter the number of minutes to add to the baseline quoted time.
    • This works with both manual and automatic modes. If you create zones that are only in effect over rush hour, you can add a larger quoted time adjustment to those zones to account for expected traffic hold-ups.  
  • Prompt for Quoted Time—If you prefer order takers to key in a quoted time when they enter the order, select this check box. The order taker can enter either a time or a number of minutes, based on their experience and knowledge of current conditions. This method relies on the experience of your order entry staff, and will increase ordering time slightly.

Adjusting Times on the Fly

There are a couple of ways to adjust quoted times in Terminal during the day to account for unforeseen circumstances like a busload of tourists or a storm. 

  • To adjust the time on a ticket: From Full Review, touch the quoted time at the top of the ticket, and then touch edit. A keypad lets you enter a new time.
  • To change the time for all new tickets: On the Manager screen, touch Quoted Times. From here, you can temporarily override quoted times (and specify how long the override should be in effect) or permanently change manual quoted times.

Online Ordering Sites

To keep quoted times for web and mobile orders in sync, your web ordering provider should query Terminal regularly during the day. If your provider is using Connect Notifications, they will receive a notification whenever there is a change to quoted times at the store.

Regular Maintenance

For the first week after you tweak the settings, keep an eye on the Quoted Times section of your Day report and make sure the percentage of late orders is within acceptable limits. For long term maintenance, build a regular review of this report into your audit schedule.

LiveMaps: Try It Out

 Take a loser look at LiveMaps

LiveMaps interactive video.