Pizza and Delivery

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Pizza + Delivery POS

The right fit—with room to grow.

Want to improve results and speed up growth? Choose a specialized point of sale system to manage every aspect of your pizzeria or delivery concept, today and tomorrow.

Speed up service at the front of house with faster ordering, in store and online. Deliver faster and keep costs in check with visual dispatch and driver management. Control operating costs and connect locations & systems to streamline and scale as you grow.

Visual Dispatch

Drive delivery efficiency.

Delivery is the biggest growth trend in the restaurant industry today. Take advantage with a POS platform designed specifically to manage the ins and outs of your delivery restaurant.

Deliver more orders faster by expediting deliveries with LiveMaps.

More About LiveMaps

A POS terminal showing a heatmap, and a digital wall display showing deliveries beside it.
Delivery Metrics & Zones Manage drivers and deliveries. A delivery map shown on the POS

Delivery Metrics & Zones

Manage drivers and deliveries.

Manage drivers with detailed delivery tracking. Auto-send directions to drivers’ smartphones, and let even new drivers deliver like pros.

Dispatch with live online mapping data from the POS terminal or a second display. Always charge the right delivery fees with easily created and edited delivery zones.

More About Delivery Zones

Order Tracking

Where’s my order? 

Don't keep customers waiting: SpeedLine quotes accurate promise times automatically based on kitchen load to reduce call-backs.

Find orders fast. With customizable ticket lists, see only the information you need. Search for orders by multiple criteria, and recall the last ticket from a ticket list with one touch or bar code. 

Order Tracking Where’s my order? A delivery confirmation email shown on a mobile phone.

Pay@ the Door

New delivery payment options.

Let customers use their chip cards to pay for deliveries on their doorstep. It's win-win: customers get the convenience and credit card security they want, and your business saves money on lower card-present processing fees and reduced chargeback risk.

Cut delivery costs with Pay@ the Door

Everything you need.

Visual Dispatch

Control deliveries and drivers efficiently with visual dispatch. Visual expediting lets drivers handle more orders in the same time.

Mobile Ordering

Seamlessly connect web and mobile ordering (even third-party aggregator sites) to give customers more ways to order. 

Scripted upsells

 Increase add-on sales with scripted, item-specific upselling prompts and directed order entry.

Service Drivers

Collect, connect, and use information about customers, employees, and transactions to personalize service, control labor and food costs, and keep customers in the loop.

Payment Security

PCI is complex. Let our QIR certified experts install PA-DSS validated POS software—or train your in-house installation team—to safeguard your customer data and keep you compliant.

Friendly Support

Count on reliable support: join the more than 90% of SpeedLine users who subscribe to our top-rated support services.

See All Features

Profit with the right POS software.

  • Fast conversational ordering
  • Visual Dispatch for efficient delivery
  • Smart forecasting and scheduling
  • Inventory and prep planning
  • Open architecture and APIs
  • Custom kitchen display systems
  • Labor reporting and controls
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Flexible online ordering

Interactive Demo: Visual Dispatch

Give it a try.


Try out SpeedLine visual dispatch in this quick demo. Play the video, and follow the instructions as it walks you through dispatching a delivery order.

Smart Pricing

Automated pricing intelligence.

The SpeedLine pricing engine ensures that prices are always accurate.

  • Get the right price for every menu item, even create-your-own and portioned pizzas or sandwiches.
  • Handle meal deals, coupons, "2-for-1" discounts, and other complex deals with confidence.
  • Apply alternate pricing for groups like sports teams or schools.
  • Automate "Happy Hour" and "Pizza Tuesday" style pricing.
  • Create special prices for order types like delivery or carryout.
  • Use the Sales Mix to test new or existing menu prices.
  • Create one master menu while allowing for different regional or store-level pricing.
Complex pricing of a half and half pizza shown in the POS
An employee smiling and making a pizza at a prep station.

Restaurant Data Insights

Know your numbers.

Cost control starts with good intel. Gain new insight into food and labor costs, sales, trends, and forecasts. Add controls to block waste and theft, and enforce labor rules. Schedule, prep, and stock to plan—and keep your costs in check.

More About Reporting and Analytics

Loyalty and Marketing

Gear up for growth.

Your customers are your most valuable asset.

Keep them coming back with gift and loyalty programs, smart coupons and value meals, and data-driven, personalized service.

More About Marketing & Loyalty

Customers sitting at a table in a restaurant to represent customer loyalty.
A globe with POS terminals on it to represent restaurant chains using connected reporting

Enterprise Management

Scale up.

Whether you own one small shop or a few hundred, the scalable design of a SpeedLine system can handle your growing needs. Standardize for efficiency and manage the differences—from store to store and across multiple regions—with a flexible enterprise POS.

Learn About SpeedLink Enterprise

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