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Enterprise Pizza & Delivery POS: Managing Across Multiple Locations

Closing the Gap: Data Access & Sharing, Ease of Admin Keys to Profitable Multi-Unit Operations

Enterprise Management Guide

The point of sale is not an island. The IT and Operations staff at restaurant chains are challenged with wrangling data from multiple, disconnected POS systems in the stores. Do you have POS systems in the field that aren't talking to your head office systems—or providing the business intelligence you need?

Your POS decisions can limit your ability to connect new systems and technology solutions in the future. And in a franchise environment, you don't get a lot of chances to get it right. 

To make the right choice up front, start with the future in mind:

Consider fit for your concept:

  • At the store level, does this product address the unique requirements of my delivery/carryout/dine-in/catering concept?
  • Above store, how easy is it to add users, stations, devices, or new locations? And can we manage updates centrally?

Evaluate how you will get the information and efficiency gains you need:

  • Does the new POS integrate with our existing payment and mobile ordering systems?
  • Can we connect our BI, purchasing, accounting, or HR systems?

Scalability and fit with your business and technology plans:

  • Is the system and technologyopen to support custom integrations down the road?
  • Will we able to build on and connect in the future?
  • If our needs change, will we find ourselves boxed in with limited options?

Improve efficiency and profitability in your restaurant concepts and save time above store:

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A More Efficient Enterprise

Connect and automate your restaurant and head office systems, shrink costs, drive revenue, and reduce errors with SpeedLine POS.

Efficiency and consistency drive profit:

  1. Improved labor efficiency with integrated scheduling, labor planning, and time clock controls: gains of 3 to 5% at Pizza Ranch
  2. Lower food costs with portion controls and inventory tracking: a 5% reduction at Nancy's Pizza stores
  3. Increased add-on sales: gains of 7 to 13% at Papa Murphy's Canada

Unlike traditional point of sale systems, SpeedLine POS was purpose-built for multi-unit pizza and delivery operations. Manage and expand your multi-unit operation effectively:

  • Feed detailed information from the stores to your head office systems. 
  • Centrally manage local POS settings, menus, and marketing.
  • Push updated menus and promotions. Schedule delivery and set effective dates in advance.
  • Schedule and distribute reports for timely, well-informed decisions.
  • Minimize deployment costs. Choose support, certification, and store management options to limit the cost of deployment and ongoing operations. Minimize the cost to franchisees by reusing supported hardware.

Ahead of the Curve

Industry-standard interfaces connect SpeedLine POS with your existing head office systems and tools—and ensure flexibility and scalability for your future technology needs

The SpeedLine Technology Network connects SpeedLine with the leading providers of web and mobile ordering, video surveillance, self-serve kiosks, call center, digital menu boards, and more


SpeedLine Point of Sale Software Fits Your Restaurant Company:

Independents and Franchisees

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