Eleven Ways to Get Better Results from Doorhanging

Better Doorhangers

Door hanger marketing for your pizza restaurant.

  1. Add a coupon—at least one, even if it’s a regular-price offer or an invitation to join your Frequent Diners Club. Use heavy dotted lines around the edges to make your offer look like a coupon.
  2. Add a time limit. An expiration date 5 to 7 days out usually draws well.
  3. Hang on Thursdays, and on a payday week (the week of the 1st or 15th).
  4. Target the right neighbors. If you deliver, track your orders on a map for a few weeks first to identify your hottest neighborhoods. That’s where you want to spend your money. (If you have a POS, you can do this in an hour: import your entire customer database into MapPoint to map your customers and look at demographics.)
  5. Use an attention-getting headline, professional design, and mouth-watering copy.
  6. Give them a reason. Tell them what makes your restaurant special, and what’s in it for them.
  7. Include one or more special offers (something free, $2 off, a package deal) and a clear call to action.
  8. Dine-in? Carryout? Add a simple map. If they know they can find you, they’ll be more likely to come.
  9. Add a personal invitation with your signature to the design. Consider adding your photo, or a picture of a smiling employee.
  10. Keep it up! Consider creating 2 or 3 different doorhangers with different offers. (You can usually get two pieces printed at 5,000 each for the same price as a 10,000 of a single design.) Response rates of 1 to 2% are pretty typical with doorhanging. These tips may help you improve on that—but even so, it's a numbers game. Make sure that you're distributing enough doorhangers to cover your costs and bring in new customers you want.
  11. Look for co-promotion opportunities to reduce your costs. Find another company to pay for the printing costs in exchange for a coupon on your doorhanger. Be creative.


P.S. Don’t forget to track the response rates. If you test two different offers, or two different neighborhoods, and one consistently pulls better…well, you know what to do.