A fathers wish comes true.

Uncle Rico's Team

“My wife says the only constant is change, and I live my life and run my restaurant with that mentality.”

Uncle Rico's and SpeedLine POS.

“I’ve worked with several point of sales companies over the years, and SpeedLine just blows them away.”

Uncle Rico's storefront

Errico Magnoli has been around the restaurant industry for a long time.  As a young boy, he would work at a relatives restaurant on summer breaks, and at the tender age of 12, he learned to make his first pizza.

Rico (as his family and friends call him) moved to New York from Toronto in 2005. He worked his way up at local pizza restaurants, from delivery driver to General Manager, while his father continued to encourage him to open his own place. When his father passed away in 2012, Rico decided that the long hours and hard work he was doing for someone else would be better invested in his own shop. And on Fathers Day 2014, in honor of his fathers wish, Uncle Ricos opened its doors.

Rico researched point of sale systems, and chose to open with SpeedLine POS behind the counter. “Ive worked with several point of sales companies over the years," Rico says, “and SpeedLine just blows them away.”

One of the main reasons Rico chose SpeedLine was the ability to integrate with other vendors. I don’t feel locked in to one provider, and that’s important,” he mentions. “Feeling like I have choice makes me comfortable and trusting that I am getting the right products for my business.”

While SpeedLine helps him manage his business efficiently, Rico’s dedication to fresh ingredients and thorough quality inspection is what sets him apart from his competition. “Nothing goes out of the kitchen unless it looks and tastes delicious,” Rico says, “and my whole staff is behind that 100%.”

“We are constantly testing new recipes”, Rico mentions, “and I encourage my staff to make suggestions as often as they like.” Anything that pleases the palate gets added to the menu, and Rico is proud of the ever-growing, extensive, and delicious menu they already have.

From the most popular item on the menu, the Buffalo Chicken Pizza, (“I used my SpeedLine POS to tell me that!” Rico says) to the sub sandwiches, salads, and wings, each item has been carefully quality checked, taste-tested, and approved by Rico himself.

And new to the menu is the Markaroni, a spin-off from a traditional mac and cheese, named after Mark, the staff member who created it. A delicious cheddar cheese sauce base topped with macaroni, juicy bacon, Heinz 57 sauce, and a perfect blend of 100% whole milk mozzarella and cheddar cheese, the Markaroni already has customers rushing to try it, and will officially be introduced on the next menu production.

As much dedication that goes into the food at Uncle Rico’s, just as much also goes into the branding. In fact, Uncle Rico—as he’s known by his eight beloved nieces and nephews— inspired the pizzeria’s name.

Uncle Rico’s logo also has a story: “I grew out my mustache, and when I go out, I like to wear hats,” he said. The logo was born just from a photograph. Combined with orange walls and his recognizable orange hat, Rico is proud of the fun, memorable brand he is working to build.

So what’s next for Rico and his staff at Uncle Rico’s Pizzeria? SpeedLine Inventory. Rico is looking forward to new control over stock and food costs, using SpeedLine Inventory, and plans to begin the recipe setup soon. “I like how thorough it is,” he adds, “and can’t wait to get started on it.”

Rico has grand plans for his business too: “I plan on moving forward with more locations,” he tells us, “and my SpeedLine POS is helping me build business faster than I ever expected.”

Could SpeedLine help you realize your goals and grow your business?