Two Guys and a Pizza Place

Two Guys and a Pizza Place just celebrated 10 years, and owner Cory Medd couldn’t be more excited about the next 10. 

Cory Medd, Pizza Chef

“SpeedLine was easily the turning point from a mom & pop shop to a streamlined business.”

Two Guys and a Pizza Place taking out on the road.

“If I could change anything, I’d have purchased SpeedLine sooner.”

Two Guys and a Pizza Place just celebrated 10 years, and owner Cory Medd couldn’t be more excited about the next 10. 

A failing pizzeria was the inspiration for 20-something Cory Medd and his friend, Scott Brennan, to take a leap of faith into restaurant ownership. With an ambitious business plan and a little luck, Two Guys and a Pizza Place was born.

From day one, they set out with one plan: to do everything better. And they did. A year and half later, when Scott left to pursue film school, Cory bought out his share and has been running the restaurant successfully ever since.

Taking It up a Notch

Business was growing rapidly, and Cory knew he had to make a change. Pen and paper order-taking and manual paperwork were slowing him down. 

On the advice of award-winning pizzeria operator and columnist Diana Coutu, Cory checked out SpeedLine POS at the International Pizza Expo. After numerous seminars and POS demos, he needed to find a partner willing to listen to his needs. He knew right away that SpeedLine was for him. 

“SpeedLine went above and beyond installing my system and training my staff,” Cory says. He adds, “They were organized and detail oriented and spent as much time as we needed to understand the system before they went home.”  

For years, payroll had been a nightmare. “I think I was spending over 4 hours a week struggling to figure it all out,” Cory says. “With SpeedLine, payroll is a breeze. It takes me less than half an hour every two weeks.”

Sales were already increasing, so calculating the true ROI of his POS investment is difficult. But the value was obvious: within the first year, sales doubled, and by the second, nearly tripled. Business was booming, and Cory had SpeedLine to manage it.  “SpeedLine was easily the turning point from a mom & pop shop to a streamlined business,” Cory confirms.

Taking It on the Road

Cory is always looking for ways to expand the business. Last year, he purchased a mobile food truck and set out to add more revenue. Summer is slower in his college town, and the food truck was a fairly inexpensive way to expand. 

For a few months each year, Cory opens the food truck to serve family and corporate events, golf tournaments, and late-night bar crowds. It’s a fun and creative way to try out new recipes and toppings, while keeping busy during the slow months. For this summer, he already has a dozen events lined up. 

In April, Cory won the coveted Pizza Chef of the Year award for a second time (his first win was in 2008), in recognition of his creativity and ingenuity with unconventional ingredients. He finished strong in the International Pizza Challenge at the Pizza Expo as well. 

Cory credits SpeedLine for helping him succeed, but an important key in his success has been the way he uses it. An experienced SpeedLine user, Cory tries to leverage the point of sale system to track and improve. For example, he routinely uses SpeedWeb to check on the store. 

“On vacation, at home, or on the golf course, I always know what’s going on in my restaurant!” 

Today, Cory is looking at the future of Two Guys and his long term partnership with SpeedLine. He has plans to expand the restaurant and grow even more business with marketing initiatives like TV, newspapers and magazines—avenues he hasn’t attempted yet. He has built a strong following on Twitter and Facebook, extending exclusive promotions to his followers, and is looking at adding online ordering within the year.  

“If I could change anything,” Cory says, “I’d have purchased SpeedLine sooner. I may have been broke, but it would have been worth the debt to get the system up and running in the restaurant years earlier. SpeedLine is worth every penny.”

Could SpeedLine help you realize your goals and grow your business?