Pizza Inn Winnsboro

A family run Pizza Inn store sees steady growth.

Gabe and his wife Kelly installed their new SpeedLine POS system in February of 2005.

“The first week after we switched, sales went up by $1,000

Pizza Inn Winnsboro buffet service.

“Once we got SpeedLine, we never wanted to look back!”

For Gabe Crouch and his family, pizza is a way of life.

A family tradition.

When Joe Crouch opened his first Pizza Inn location in Sulphur Springs, TX back in the early ‘90s, a point of sale system wasn’t a top priority. But in 2003, Joe decided it was time to streamline the business and chose to install SpeedLine POS.

So by 2005, when his nephew, Gabe Crouch, was ready to replace the outdated POS system in his Pizza Inn store, Joe had hard data to back up a recommendation to switch to SpeedLine.

Pizza Inn, headquartered in the Dallas, TX, area, operates more than 310 restaurants domestically and internationally. Known for exceptional pizza and friendly service, the Crouch family has been proudly serving up made-from-scratch Pizza Inn crispy Original Thin Crust and tangy signature sauce for two decades. With a focus on quality and community involvement, they’re obviously doing something right.

From one POS to another.

Gabe and his wife Kelly installed their new SpeedLine POS system in February of 2005. “It was seamless,” Gabe tells us. “The system is so intuitive that the transition was smooth, and we never missed a beat.”

Training was easy too: “My staff was so quick to pick up on it, we were up and running that first day without a hitch!” he adds.

Instant sales boost.

Before SpeedLine, Gabe says, he couldn’t tell what was going out the door that was paid for. Their old point of sale system was too easy for the staff to manipulate—a fact that became all too apparent after the new SpeedLine system was installed.

It was a Before and After story:“The first week after we switched, sales went up by $1,000” Gabe explains, “and never dropped back down to “Before” levels again. The security controls in our new SpeedLine POS system discouraged employee theft immediately!”

Gabe and Kelly didn’t know what to expect when they switched, but today, Gabe echoes his uncle Joe’s words: “Once we got SpeedLine, we never wanted to look back.”

Support is one-of-a-kind. Gabe isn’t shy with his praise of the SpeedLine support team. A self-confessed “non-techie,” Gabe says SpeedLine Support has been a life-line that he raves about on a regular basis. 

“I have never had a bad experience,” he says. “Each and every person I have talked to is professional, courteous, and has always fixed or explained anything I needed.” For Gabe and his family, reliable support has made a world of difference. 

Since 2005, business has improved steadily for Gabe and his family. Proud members of the Pizza Inn team, they have seen continued growth every year. Gabe and Kelly credit SpeedLine for a lot of that. Before SpeedLine they were losing money. Today, business is good, and every cent is accounted for. And that’s something worth bragging about.

Could SpeedLine help you realize your goals and grow your business?