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More Table Turns

Increase dining room efficiency.

Serve customers faster in the dining room or bar with SpeedLine. Dine-in profits are often directly proportional to improvements in table turnover. When speed of service improves the guest experience, everyone wins.

Service alerts appear on the floor plan and the dashboard so managers can stay on top of things by watching the exceptions and stepping in to assist or reassign staff before a slowdown hurts customer service. 

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See how SpeedLine point of sale improves results for full service restaurant concepts

Enhance the guest experience while improving efficiency.

Kitchen Displays

Deliver a hot, fresh meal to every guest at the table with integrated kitchen displays, course timing, and production reporting.

Table Management

Manage table service and server performance with a one-stop dashboard and visual service cues.  

Seats and Checks

Easily manage seats and separate checks. Split the bill multiple ways.

Cash Management

Monitor server transactions and tips with SpeedLine cash and security controls.

Table Dashboard

Track and quickly respond to service metrics and server performance. At a glance, see table turns, bussing times, and more to manage the guest experience.

Catering Orders

Grow sales with catering. Easily take catering orders by phone or online, recall and change a deferred orders, and view upcoming production requirements.

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“SpeedLine has improved the ease and speed in handling and tracking customers.”


– Jim Dingman, Blue Springs Fun House


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Table Service

Customized floor plan.

Your POS table layout should be made to match your restaurant, not the other way around. With a customizable graphical view of your tables, your servers will never confuse tables again.

Visual service cues and alerts on the floor plan give your team new insight to help them serve guests faster, measure performance, and simplify training.

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Table service
POS terminal menu screen

Menu Management

A menu built for you.

Easily navigate through a touchscreen menu designed for your restaurants. Switch between menu sections, check summaries and running tabs. Quickly add or remove items with the touch of a button.

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Split the check.

Take orders separately or split the bill at the end of the meal. Let your customers pay how they want, without causing a hassle for your servers. Splitting a pizza or sharing dessert? No problem. Drag and drop items between tickets at the same table, or split an item between multiple tickets.

Split the check
Table dashboard

Table Dashboard

Performance at a glance.

Keep on top of dine-in performance with reports and metrics with the Table Dashboard. Manage service at a glance with colour-coded alerts that show long table turnover times. Measure dine-in performance seperately from take-out and delivery, with dine-in sales numbers.

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Tableside Ordering and Payment

Get moving.

Take orders tableside with a mobile POS tablet. Quickly check the status of tables, enter orders, and take payment without leaving your customers' side. SpeedLine works wirelessly with Windows-based tablets, for flexible order taking.

More about Tablets

Take orders table-side with tablets

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