Menu Management

Menu Management

Speed of service begins with a touchscreen menu designed specifically for your restaurant concept.


Flexible ordering.

"Our favorite feature by far is menu flexibility. Without SpeedLine in place, we’d be in complete shut-down mode."

David Kenney
Pizza Pirates

Speed of service starts with touchscreen ordering. Your menu is designed specifically for your restaurants, and arranged so your employees can quickly switch between menu sections, check summaries and running tabs.

Toppings and extras.


Simply touch on, or touch off to add or remove toppings and extras to an order item. Image buttons increase ordering speed. Dots indicate toppings included in the item.

Manage portions and create-your-own pizzas and sandwiches accurately and effortlessly. Add menu items, extras, and substitutions in any order—even when customers change their minds.

Store, region, or chain level management.

"Your menu designer program is amazingly easy to use while at the same time extremely sophisticated."


Dave Cozzola
Cozzola's Pizza

Manage menus regionally, chain-wide or at store level. Head office, or individual locations can change and add items to the menu depending on your restaurant concept.

Have holiday or seasonal specials? Prepare menus in advance, and set effective dates. Your new menu will be pushed out to all selected locations during the effective dates, and then reset to the previous menu at the end of the period.

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