Cozzola's Pizza

With unique and healthy ingredients, and numerous crust and sauce choices, Cozzola’s has been winning over the locals since 1987.

Kelsey at the POS

“When his POS system was one of many pizzerias nationwide left vulnerable to a costly credit card breach, he knew he had to make a change.”

Cozzola's Pizza
Corey at Cazzola's
Cozzola's kitchen

Cozzola’s Pizza, nestled in the heart of Fort Collins, has become a staple in their community. With unique and healthy ingredients, and numerous crust and sauce choices, Cozzola’s has been winning over the locals since 1987.

Dave Cozzola has lived and breathed pizza for much of his life. With his love of Chicago’s best pizzerias as a boy, and his own kitchen experiments years later, Cozzola’s family and friends knew he was destined for pizzeria success. And when he was ready, the first Cozzola’s Pizza was born.

Growth Plans and Technology Pains

When Cozzola opened a second location in 1997, he had his eye to continued growth. And in 2007 Cozzola chose to outfit the new restaurant with a well-known point of sale system, confident that he was positioning himself for even more success.

But after the initial excitement wore off, it became clear that their new POS system was not delivering on its promise. Although he liked and respected many of the people at the POS company, the product was problematic. “The software just seemed like a beta test for the first five years that we were on it,” he mentions, “We’d get one thing fixed with a patch, only to have something else go wrong.”

Despite the challenges, the POS system had been a major investment, and Cozzola continued to struggle with it for seven years. But when his POS system was left vulnerable to a costly credit card breach, he knew he had to make a change.

A New Approach to POS

Fresh off an International Pizza Expo “Best Pizza in Mid-America” win in 2011 for their Italian Sausage and Fresh Tomato Pizza, Cozzola and his team returned home armed with a new plan, and a newfound excitement for the future of Cozzola’s Pizza. Leery after his first experience, Cozzola put considerable time and effort into researching the right POS for his business. Ultimately, his choice was SpeedLine POS.

“SpeedLine exceeded my expectations. It seemed both much simpler and at the same time much more sophisticated than our previous system”. Dave tells us. “The other system never fully worked for us the way we were lead to believe – even after 7 years.”

For Cozzola and his team, he says, “SpeedLine has been a breath of fresh air.” After only six weeks, Cozzola was calling his SpeedLine account manager to rave about the early benefits they were already noticing, and excited about what was still to come.

“In addition the support has been outstanding – from the install through the post-install intensive support (having a support tech who is responsible for being a dedicated advocate to make sure that everything we need is taken care of), to the awesome support crew that you have – patient, personable, thorough, knowledgeable, efficient.”

“We couldn’t be happier with SpeedLine!”

About Cozzola’s Pizza

Today, Cozzola operates two Cozzola’s Pizza locations. His restaurants have won ‘Best Pizza’ awards in Fort Collins for 16 straight years: a point of pride for the Cozzola’s team, as no other company has won as many times. The menu may be the initial draw, but it is Cozzola’s unparalleled commitment to his customers that keeps them coming back. His guests enjoy the fresh, healthy pizzas in a “part of the family” atmosphere.

With unbleached flour, no refined sugars, high quality fresh ingredients, and creative crusts and sauces, Cozzola’s Pizza has found a way to make their pizzas stand out in a crowded market.

A regular guest sums up the experience in a review on Yelp: “I'm not easily impressed with pizza options here in Fort Collins, and the re-creation of regional favorites. However, I am impressed with Cozzola's and their unique Fort Collins pizza. It's something that makes me love our city more than I did before.”

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