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Are your sales moving online?

Surveys show the average U.S. consumer spends 5 hours a day on mobile devices. If your takeout or delivery menu isn't within hand’s reach, someone else’s is. 

Compared to ordering over the phone, guests feel less pressured and can take their time selecting mains and add-ons. That's why SpeedLine users have reported that online orders are up to 40% larger than phone orders.

If you do not offer web and mobile ordering yet—or if your ordering site is not delivering results like these—you could be losing customers to competitors who have embraced e-commerce.

Online: it's where your customers are.
Just a few taps from your kitchen

Just a few taps from your kitchen.

SpeedLine Connect™ connects your online ordering site with the point of sale system, so guests are never more than a few clicks or taps from having their orders sent automatically to your kitchen, just like orders entered in-store.

Not only that: Your POS can now communicate with your website, so you can add online customers to the POS database, or display up-to-date information about store hours or quoted times to online customers.

And Connect lets you integrate with the web and mobile ordering service of your choice to accept orders from websites, and a variety of other sources: call centers, self-serve order kiosks, remote drive-thru centers, automated phone order services.

Secure and PCI compliant.

When you use SpeedLine Connect to integrate your website with the point of sale, your customers' personal payment information is encrypted for secure online transactions. Like every component of the SpeedLine software line, SpeedLine Connect is PA-DSS validated for PCI compliance.

More About Payment Security

Secure and PCI compliant
3rd party ordering providers.

Third-party orders—direct to your POS.

Integrate orders from GrubHub, DoorDash, Eat 24, and other online ordering apps and aggregator sites with the POS.

These popular ordering sites and apps attract new customers, but if the orders arrive at a separate tablet or email, labor costs associated with re-entering them into the POS eat into profits.

An integration with Chowly Inc. delivers all these orders direct to the POS—bypassing the tablet or email notification.

Watch a Short Video About Chowly & GrubHub

Freedom to choose.

Some POS companies lock you into working with only one online ordering partner. An open architecture point of sale platform, SpeedLine lets you choose from a variety of fully integrated online ordering companies, so you can pick the features and price best suited to your business.

Choose from a network of third-party partners, or design and connect a completely custom online ordering site. If you're not sure how to go about choosing a Web developer, you can also ask us for recommendations and links to live customer sites designed and developed by our online ordering partners.

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Online orders are growing steadily every month. Many POS systems have a solution, but only one. It is very limiting, and if you don’t like it you have to invest in an entirely different POS. I love that SpeedLine is flexible in this respect.


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Flexibility to choose your provider.
Connect Sales Summary.

Know what you're selling online.

With the SpeedLine Connect Sales Summary report in Store Manager, you can view net online sales and the average online order size. SpeedLine Connect also provides tools for multi-unit restaurant groups and third-party companies to develop and integrate real-time executive dashboards.

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