Take control of food costs with SpeedLine Inventory.

Monitor stock on hand and keep food costs in check with SpeedLine Inventory. Use this optional add-on to your point of sale system to track inventory usage and minimize waste.

SpeedLine Inventory calculates stock levels and product margin based on your pizzeria's daily sales.Choose between tracking all items or only those deemed critical, such as mozzarella or pepperoni.

Take control of food costs with SpeedLine Inventory.
Perfect pizza.

Pizza perfect.

Designed for pizza and “create-your-own” orders, SpeedLine Inventory was built to handle complex recipes. A detailed topping matrix simplifies recipe setup, so that you can accurately track the food cost of every half-and-half or create-your-own order.

Need more detail? Create recipes within recipes to track dough balls and cheese mixes.

Monitor portion control and detect theft.

How good is your portion control? Are you losing profits to theft of stock? SpeedLine Inventory calculates what should have been used and what you should have remaining in stock. Reports compare estimated to actual inventory to pinpoint problem areas.

Their inventory system is pretty amazing. You can enter your inventory into the system, and it calculates food cost automatically.


Mary Jane RivaPizza Factory

Detect portion control issues and theft.

Inventory tips


Controlling Food Costs with Inventory Software: Top Tips for Success

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Keep an eye on margins.

How much money are you making on your best seller? Take stock of your product margin with reports detailing recipe costs, price, and margin percentage for each menu item.

Use the usage variance report to compare your physical inventory with your ideal food usage, so you can detect missing food.

Use the unique Sales Mix to instantly see the effects of rising cheese or pepperoni costs, or test new pricing before making it live.

SpeedLine Inventory helps me stay ahead of food cost. I have a true picture every week.


Ken SeluckyChicago Franchise Systems

Case Study: Nancy's Pizza Shrinks Food Cost with POS Controls
Keep an eye on margins.
Convenient Purchasing

Convenient Purchasing.

Manage suppliers and reorder levels easily. Create and receive stock against purchase orders. 

Receive orders into inventory with a few clicks using electronic packing slips from supported food suppliers, including Agar, Sysco, and McLane.