Drive delivery performance with LiveMaps.

SpeedLine LiveMaps is a visual toolset for managing your restaurant delivery service. It was designed to help delivery restaurants improve efficiency, and control costs.

Display the digital wall map on a big-screen TV in your kitchen, and send hands-free navigation to your drivers’ phones to help them deliver like pros.

LiveMaps Visual Dispatch - all the parts of a restaurant delivery point of sale, like delivery zones, dispatch, and customer notifications

A mobile phone showing driving instructions for delivery driver

Live traffic and navigation.

Even new drivers don’t get lost. LiveMaps provides turn-by-turn directions for the best route directly to your driver’s smartphone. ETAs are automatically determined using up-to-the-minute traffic information and the best route. More on-time deliveries means happier customers.

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Visual dispatch.

Dispatching from a map view is simply more intuitive than a list of orders on a screen. Dispatchers don’t need to know every street; they can easily group orders in the POS together for delivery based on their location on the map. Estimated return times for each driver are displayed on the screen, which helps managers and dispatchers time orders to be ready when drivers return.

Pushpin labels show key information, such as the order total, quoted time, and ETA for on-way orders. A simple glance at the monitor can show staff and management how many deliveries are on the dispatch list, and where they are.

"We use LiveMaps, which is great because we have a screen that’s dedicated to delivery. It will pop up as a pin on the map showing where the address is located."

Gabe Connell
Hotbox Pizza

A delivery map shown on the POS

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Dispatch a Ticket

EMV Pay@ the Door.

Get the new delivery app for EMV payment at the door with a chip-enabled PIN pad.

Pay@ the Door could save you hundreds of dollars each month in credit card processing costs and reduced chargeback liability for delivery transactions—including online orders.

Stop paying extra for card-not-present transactions. With chip payment at the door, you can process payments for deliveries at lower card-present rates, saving 0.3% or more off the effective rate. On top of that, if you’ve been fighting chargebacks on deliveries, Pay@ the Door will save you even more time and money.

Cut delivery costs with Pay@ the Door

Manage delivery zones.

LiveMaps allows you to create delivery zones within the system and standardize your delivery fees. When orders are placed, LiveMaps will auto-assign the customer to a zone based on address, and charge the fee specified for that zone. Click and drag to adjust zone boundaries at any time.

Easily compare driver odometer readings to the best route mileage for coaching and driver accountability. This allows you to cut delivery costs while simultaneously ensuring you are charging properly for deliveries.

Export delivery zone boundaries as KML files to import into an online ordering provider's mapping system, or import zones from head office for easy setup at the store.

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Keep customers in the loop: delivery confirmation email shown on a mobile phone

Keep customers in the loop.

Send an automatic delivery confirmation message to let customers know their order has been dispatched, and when it should arrive based on the best mapped route.

Better business insight and analytics.

Eliminate errors with better information. Heat maps of delivery performance allow you to:

  • Highlight delivery problem zones and neighborhoods.
  • See a map view of coupon usage and make your direct mailings more efficient.
  • View customer purchase trends and history by region or zone.
  • Find out where your best customers live and which neighborhoods perform best.
LiveMaps heat map shown on a POS terminal in a pizza slice shop

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