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2018/03/20: SpeedLine POS Cuts Costs & Chargebacks with Delivery App for EMV Pay@ the Door

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, March 20, 2018—From the 2018 International Pizza Expo, pizza and delivery point of sale developer SpeedLine Solutions Inc. released a new delivery app for EMV payment at the door with a chip-enabled PIN pad. 

SpeedLine’s new Pay@ the Door app can save restaurant owners hundreds of dollars each month in credit card processing costs and chargeback liability for delivery transactions—including online orders.

The savings apply even to e-commerce. Many online ordering services process payments online at Card Not Present rates. Using Pay@ the Door with the new SpeedDine online ordering service from SpeedLine, or with another provider that supports this functionality, payments for all online delivery orders can instead be processed securely at the door, at lower Card Present rates.


2018/03/19: SpeedLine Introduces SpeedDine Online Ordering Service

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, March 19, 2018—Pizza and delivery point of sale developer SpeedLine Solutions Inc. launched a new online ordering service at the 2018 International Pizza Expo today for restaurants with SpeedLine point of sale. 

The first service built on a new cloud platform employing Amazon Web Services for speed, security, and reliable performance, SpeedDine delivers a responsive mobile ordering experience, live price updates, and a fast, low-barrier ordering experience.


2018/01/03: Uncle Fatih’s Pizza Rolls out SpeedLine POS to Improve Profitability and Delivery Performance

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, January 3, 2018—Uncle Fatih’s Pizza confirmed the company’s selection of pizza and delivery point of sale developer SpeedLine Solutions as its new POS provider.

The popular local chain began upgrading its Vancouver metro area restaurants with SpeedLine point of sale systems in September, and will complete the chain-wide POS rollout with its new location in the Tsawwassen Mills Outlet Mall early this year.


2017/12/13: A.Y. Technologies Partners with SpeedLine POS to Deliver Restaurant Ordering Mobile Apps

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, December 13, 2017—Local software developer A.Y. Technologies announced the launch of its mobile app development platform, Craver, for restaurants running SpeedLine pizza and delivery point of sale systems.

The Craver platform offers native iOS and Android mobile apps for pizzerias and other delivery restaurants. The apps include mobile ordering for delivery and pickup, with support for rewards, gift cards, and push notifications, and are custom designed for each pizzeria brand.


2017/11/28: Ctuit Integration Adds New Restaurant Management Options for SpeedLine POS Users

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, November 28, 2017—A new integration with Ctuit provides data on demand from SpeedLine point of sale systems to an array of Ctuit restaurant management and business intelligence tools.

“The integration allows SpeedLine clients to access Ctuit’s broad range of business intelligence tools to control costs, increase sales and better manage their businesses,” adds Michael Kapash, Ctuit Director of Strategic Partnerships. “Ctuit’s all-in-one restaurant management software equips restaurateurs with powerful business intelligence and meaningful data to deliver success.”


2017/06/22: SpeedLine POS Rollout Expands to HotBox Pizza’s 20th Location

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, June 21, 2017—HotBox Pizza announced that the company’s point of sale rollout with technology partner SpeedLine Solutions continued this week with the Indiana-based brand’s twentieth new store opening.

Standardizing the point of sale technology across the chain has resulted in multiple business benefits for HotBox.


2017/03/16: Casey’s General Store Deploys SpeedLine Point of Sale

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, March 16, 2017—Casey’s General Store announced today the company’s selection of integrated point of sale and enterprise restaurant management systems from SpeedLine Solutions Inc. for the company’s expanding pizza delivery operations.

Casey’s has installed SpeedLine point of sale systems in more than 200 locations to date. The Ankeny, Iowa-based convenience store chain, which operates more than 1,900 Casey’s General Stores in 14 states, offers pizza for carryout or delivery in 98 percent of its locations. Adding delivery service is driving revenue with a new customer segment for Casey’s stores, with sales of whole pies increasing 30 to 40 percent in the first year after the addition1.


2017/02/15: Multi-Unit Menu Management Release Saves Time and Improves Consistency for Restaurant Chains

VANCOUVER, BC, February 15, 2017—A new release from pizza and delivery point of sale developer SpeedLine Solutions Inc. helps restaurant chains save time and improve brand consistency. With this new menu management toolset, chains can easily manage a master menu with local variations across multiple units and regions. 

Multi-unit operators can now address all regional variations in availability, pricing, or coupon offers in a single menu file. Restaurant operators can also deactivate seasonal or temporarily unavailable menu items, toppings and add-ons, or coupon offers until they are needed again.

Also notable in this new release is the new ConnectService, which significantly speeds processing and response times for web and mobile orders—and ensures that stores continue to receive online orders even when the point of sale software is not running on the web order station at the store.


2016/05/31: SpeedLine Point of Sale Enhances LiveMaps Visual Dispatch

VANCOUVER, BC, May 31, 2016—A new software release from enterprise pizza and delivery point of sale developer SpeedLine Solutions Inc. adds new performance enhancements to leading LiveMaps visual dispatch system as the focus of the release.

Announced today, the new release improves mapping speed and accuracy in LiveMaps, the company’s visual dispatch, mapping, and driver navigation system – for faster dispatch and increased delivery profit.


2016/03/08: Papa Murphy’s Pizza Canada Selects SpeedLine as Point of Sale Partner for Franchise Expansion

VANCOUVER, BC, February 25, 2016—At a franchise meeting in Vancouver this week, Papa Murphy’s Canada announced that the company has partnered with SpeedLine to provide point of sale technology for all Canadian locations of Papa Murphy’s Take 'N' Bake Pizza.


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