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SpeedLine’s Cloud Reporting & Analytics provides near-real-time reporting presented in multiple dashboards full of key metrics for your business. You can easily dig deeper into the underlying data behind spikes in daily sales, drops in delivery orders, and much more. In this article, we highlight some of the valuable dashboards available in SpeedLine’s Cloud Reporting & Analytics, check it out:

1. Today & Yesterday

Access a single-day overview of key metrics within your business. At a glance see things like your daily sales, discounts, voids, and labor costs. If any of the information presented peaks your interest you can expand upon them to see where the sales came from, which discounts were applied, who did the voids, and more.



2. Weekly/Monthly and Quarterly/Yearly

Review the historical performance of your restaurant and analyze its trends from this time last week or the last two years. See things like net sales and comp values with up to three years of historical data. The ability to see trends and make predictions allows your business to plan staff and inventory accordingly.

3. Delivery Performance

Get an overview of key delivery metrics for your business with the Delivery Performance dashboard. Review and compare your on-time vs. late deliveries, average dispatch minutes and delivery minutes by day, delivery trip size, number of deliveries per hour, and more.

4. Coupons & Discounts

Obtain an overview of your restaurant's coupon performance and discount summary. Dive deeper and see your highest-performing coupons, average coupon value, discount totals, comps, credits issued, credits used, and total voids. Plus, keep track of who is applying coupons and discounts to ensure they are being applied properly.

Speedy Tip
Map what geographic locations coupons are coming from within your market area to help you direct your marketing efforts to areas of opportunity or success.

5. Notable Activity

View potentially unusual activity in your restaurant with your customized thresholds such as discounts after a ticket is saved, voids after a ticket is closed, and changes in online ordering hours.

Speedy Tip
You can set alerts to let you know when an activity has exceeded your set threshold. For example, you can be notified after five late deliveries in a day or any changes to online ordering hours.

6. Remote Order Sources

Access a breakdown of your external orders, whether it’s from your SpeedDine online ordering site, DoorDash, Uber Eats, or other ordering services. Easily compare the performance of your remote order services to determine which sites are the most successful and which are not meeting expectations.

7. Third-Party Delivery

See how your in-store deliveries stack up against deliveries made using the driver request feature DoorDash Drive, integrated with SpeedLine 8. The Third-Party Delivery dashboard shows DoorDash’s on-time vs. late pickups, the average pick-up time, and more, giving you the insight needed to determine if DoorDash is meeting your delivery expectations.

8. Store Comparison

As a multi-store owner, compare your locations’ key metrics side by side in one view. You no longer need to have multiple browser tabs and reports open to compare the performance of your locations. Identify trends or anomalies between stores and identify if something is happening in all stores or just one so that you can explore the cause further, all in one easy-to-read view.


9. Customer

Utilize detailed heat maps and charts to show you exactly where your customers are located, how much they are spending, and what areas orders are coming from. See what areas your returning and new customers are from to help direct your marketing campaigns to the areas with the most opportunity and potential to grow your business.

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