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Do you use upselling and suggestive selling in your business? Only sometimes? Does it depend on who takes the order? SpeedLine can help you develop a more systematic upselling approach using on-screen prompts in Terminal and online prompts on your SpeedDine® website. And prompts aren't limited to upselling. They can also take your value meals from ho-hum to yum by giving guests an on-the-fly choice of main, appetizer, and drink, without any mistakes, even by your newest order taker.

Speedy Tip
Say your upsell is accepted by only 30 orders a day, and on-screen upselling prompts increase the average ticket total by even $1. That's $30 more per day, or over $10,000 per year! And upselling prompts are included in both SpeedLine and SpeedDine.

SpeedLine Directed Order Entry™ 

Menu Designer Directed Order Entry tools include choice nodes, enforced items, and enforced modifiers. Directed Order Entry can be used in several ways:

  • To build prompts that remind order-takers to ask customers for their preferred dressing or crust type.
  • To suggest additions to orders, like extra cheese or a larger size of fries.
  • To guide order takers smoothly through entering a value meal with a series of choices, like pizza toppings, an appetizer, and drink flavor.

Reminder Prompts

Prompts to choose a crust type for pizzas, a bread type for sandwiches, or a dressing for salads are often added to your SpeedLine menu during building. They are usually set to appear only if the choice in question has not already been entered, and because they force a choice, they're called "enforced modifiers." If you'd like to add a reminder prompt to your menu, press F1 while in Menu Designer, and the help will walk you through it.

Upselling Prompts

Automatic suggestive selling prompts get your staff upselling consistently. The best upsells are item-specific nudges—prompts based on the current order, like: “Extra cheese on that?” or “Make it a large for just $1 more?” A general upsell reminder at the end of the order is another opportunity: “Have you tried our new cinnamon sticks?”

Upselling prompts are another example of enforced modifiers in Menu Designer. A tutorial in the help explains how to set them up, with examples for adding extra cheese, suggesting a side, and upsizing an item.

Value Meal Prompts

Do you have value meals in your menu? First introduced by burger chains in the 1990's, "combo" or value meals were popular at first, but then went through a decline in sales at many QSR chains.

A study by NPD Group on reasons for the decline indicated that consumers often wanted more choice than packaged deals were giving them. Today's value meals tend to be more flexible, allowing the customer to choose between several items for a fixed price. In SpeedLine, a combination of choice nodes and enforced items lets guests customize their meals with their choice of toppings, crust, beverage and sizes, quickly and without any confusion during order entry.

When you're ready to add a meal deal, the Creating a Value Meal help tutorial gives step-by-step instructions.

Online Prompts in SpeedDine

The same techniques you use at the restaurant work for web and mobile orders too:

  • Suggest items not yet in the cart when the guest clicks the Checkout button (in SpeedDine, this is called "cross-selling").
  • Offer prompts to upsize a soft drink, or add 3 more wings. These upselling prompts can pop up either on the Customize page, or on the Order Details page during checkout (you choose).

Do you have a SpeedDine ordering site? Ask SpeedLine Support if you need help setting up the cross-sell and upsell prompts, or add Premiere Support and let us do the work for you!

Not a SpeedDine user yet? Learn more about how fast, fully integrated online ordering can help your business.

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