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While there are many informative reports in SpeedLine, the Terminal Day Report provides you with a summary of the operational status of your business, and you can quickly view it at any time. Many operators may focus on only one or two key stats, but this month we show you how you can customize the Day Report. Use it to detect theft, monitor server and driver performance, and view sales and labor data in-store or remotely.

Focus on the Day Report 

You may take a quick look at this report every day, but are you using it as efficiently as you could be? Read the tips below to find out:

View the Day Report

You can take a look at the current day's up-to-the-minute numbers at any time by touching Day Report on the User screen. Navigate through the report quickly by touching the sections in the left menu. The order of these sections, and which ones appear, can be changed in Store Manager (see Make the Day Report Your Own, below).

It's a good idea to have managers review the Day Report together during a shift handover. The report can also be set to print automatically at day end, by selecting Force print of Day Report on the End of Day Options, General tab.

View Day Reports from Previous Days & Over a Range

Managers can look up a Day Report from previous days by touching Day Files on the Manager screen, and then selecting a date range or specific file. In the Day File Reports window, touch Day Report.

View the Day Report Remotely

You can't always be at the store, and if you have more than one location, you can't be in all of them at the same time. SpeedLine SpeedWeb™ lets you see the Day Report on your mobile device or desktop computer securely from anywhere, without disrupting store operations or notifying staff. Contact your SpeedLine Account Manager to find out more.

Top 10 Sections on Your Day Report

The Day Report has over 50 sections to choose from, each showing a specific aspect of your business. Below is a summary of our "top 10."

  1. Sales Summary—the store's up-to-the-minute net sales, broken down into gross sales, plus delivery and gratuity charges, minus coupons, discounts, and comps. Taxes are not included.
  2. Delivery Performance—includes out the door times and late delivery percentages, as well as time between runs, and "surprise" credits or coupons applied after tender.
  3. Sales by Order Type—see how the day's delivery sales compare to the average. 
  4. Hourly Labor vs Sales—lists labor as a percentage of sales for each hour or half-hour period (you choose). An upward trend can prompt managers to send staff home. When run as a multi-day report, this report can help with scheduling. 
  5. Notable Activity—alerts you to possible misuse of the system by staff. In additional settings, SpeedLine recommends selecting (at a minimum) Change Downs, Discounts After Save, Coupons After Payment, and Voids After Close.
  6. Labor Costs—see if you are hitting your labor percentage targets for the day. 
  7. Sales by Station, and Item Categories Sold—use these two reports to see if staff need coaching to sell more complete meals (appetizers, desserts, etc.). 
  8. Crust Sales—shows how many crusts you've sold so far, so you can decide if you need more prepped. 
  9. Employees on Clock—has an employee forgotten to clock out? Edit their time clock from the Manager screen. 
  10. Employees off Clock—do everyone's hours look correct for the shift worked? 

Make the Day Report Your Own: Customize It

Your business is unique, so your day report sections should be too. It's easy to change what sections are shown and their order in the Store Manager, End of Day group, Day Report Options. Some report sections even have additional settings that let you customize how the numbers are calculated. Take a look at this short video for a full explanation.

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