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SpeedLine’s Delivery & LiveMaps functionality gives your restaurant the power to handle deliveries with ease and efficiency so that your orders are flying out the door. Check out our top five reasons why you’ll want to switch to SpeedLine’s delivery features. 


Live Traffic and Navigation

LiveMaps brings efficiency to delivery, no matter if your driver is a seasoned professional or it's their first day on the job. Drivers will be sent instant ticket information and directions to their smartphones—no more drivers getting lost or showing up at the wrong location.

POS LiveMaps map screen

Speedy Tip
A great way for your staff to see where your orders are is to put the map on a big-screen TV in the kitchen.


Visual Dispatch

Seeing a map with visual indications of where the drivers are going, how many orders they have, and their estimated return time makes the driver experience more efficient and helps the kitchen plan accordingly. Save time and reduce stress by arranging orders systematically.

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With SpeedLine’s visual dispatch, you can customize what information is on the screen from order total, quoted time, estimated time of arrival, estimated time of return, drive name, and more!


Delivery Zones

There are many ways to break up delivery zones, whether it be different price points by distance traveled, certain drivers going to certain areas, free delivery within a certain radius, or flat-rate delivery. No matter your choice, once it’s programmed into the system SpeedLine’s LiveMaps will automatically assign the customer to the appropriate delivery zone based on their address.


Integrated Caller ID

When a call comes in, the system uses the number to automatically pull up the associated account, detailing their name, address, past orders, and the status of their existing pickup and delivery orders. Integrated called ID makes the phone ordering process faster and more efficient. It also frees up time for your staff to focus on upselling and getting orders out the door.

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Your staff can easily access eligible coupons and discounts while offering a personalized upselling experience with different prompts if they are a new or frequent customer or haven't been around in a while.


Integrated DoorDash Drive

SpeedLine integrates with DoorDash Drive. Whether a busy night with your drivers doing other deliveries or it's too slow to have a driver on, DoorDash Drive is there to give you a hand with delivery when you need it. You can summon a DoorDash driver right from the terminal and see the estimated pickup time, delivery time, and fee before submitting the driver request.



From visual display and LiveMaps to integrated caller ID and third-party delivery, SpeedLine’s delivery services will set you up for success with ease and efficiency.  

SpeedLine Delivery & LiveMaps


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