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ticket-display-new-dupe-1-buttons-webHave you heard? The latest version of SpeedLine was released last week (March 27). This issue, we take a closer look at the new customer-requested features in this spring's release.

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SpeedLine 7.3 R100

Here's a preview of some features added in the new version. 

Ticket Display Buttons

New +1 and "DUPE" buttons have been added below the Ticket Display. These can be used to quickly add more of existing items on the ticket, for example, another round of drinks.
Note: To show both of the new buttons, the ticket display needs to be a minimum of 395 pixels wide.

Also new: use the "EDIT" button below the display to edit delivery charges on the ticket (with sufficient security permissions).

OrderTaking_01Clear All Button

A "Clear All" button has been added to the menu panel and Full Review screen for faster order taking when customers change their minds and want to start over.



Improved Customer Data "Heat" Maps

LiveMaps users experience faster, more accurate display of customer data overlaid on a map. Easily pan, zoom, and change the radius of highlighted areas. See at a glance where your best customers live, where to target doorhangers or mailed offers, where deliveries are not meeting quoted times, and more. Get a video demo—watch Customer Data "Heat" MapsCustomer-data-maps-Bing-crop-web

Record Customer Email Permission

Track whether or not a customer opted in to receive commercial email; comply with anti-spam laws and avoid costly fines. After upgrading, select the "Prompt for E-Mail Promotion" check box on the Store Manager Customer Options, General tab. When the customer has an email address on record, the order taker will be prompted to ask about email opt-in.

Store-Level Coupons in a Corporate Menu

Franchise owners can now use the restricted login and a new "Limited Editing" mode to create item-specific coupons for their own stores in a protected corporate menu.

There's More...

The 7.3 R100 release incorporates over 30 customer-requested features from businesses like yours. Request more information about SpeedLine


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