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Whether you are evaluating your current POS or in the market for a new one, knowing your POS's Return on Investment (ROI) is crucial because it allows you to see if your POS is making you money or costing you money. It's also beneficial to look at the short-term cost and long-term return to make sure you see the whole picture.

ROI is essential when trying to understand your business, we have broken down for you how to calculate it step by step.


Step 1: Sales Revenue

The first step is projecting your annual sales revenue. If you plan to match your sales from last year, your past annual sales numbers are the best tool. If you expect your sales to grow or retract you should use your projected sales numbers. Remember that everything discussed next will play a part in your annual sales and how much you bring in at the end of the day.


Step 2: Online Ordering

The next piece to consider is if you offer online ordering and what that entails. All of the following areas can increase your per ticket dollar amount and have your customers coming back more, often. Does your online ordering site have enticing food images, automatic upselling, and crossing options, and how is the customer's ordering experience? Business Insider reported an 18% increase in customer spending from online/mobile orders compared to phone orders. Online ordering directly impacts your bottom line and might be something you want to consider adding to your business if you are not already offering it.

Speedy Tip
To make online ordering more efficient, SpeedLine customers can integrate with SpeedDine Online Ordering which provides access to automated upselling prompts, matched store pricing, quoted times, and more.


Step 3: Upselling Prompts

Finally, a simple yet powerful tool for increasing your sales and ticket size is upselling prompts, such as "Would you like extra cheese?" or "Would you like to add our garlic aioli dip today?" If done consistently, that extra 50 cents or dollar can make a massive difference for the customer's overall experience and your bottom line.

Speedy Tip
With SpeedLine, you can set up custom upsell prompts to appear directly on the terminal screen as your staff places the order to ensure you never miss an opportunity to increase the ticket value.


Step 4: Delivery

How you charge for your delivery can play a big part in your annual sales. There are a few options here; you can offer free delivery, a flat fee, free delivery after a specific price, or rates based on location or distance. Having a POS that will automatically charge for every delivery, ensures that it is charged correctly every time. It will allow you to charge different delivery fees for different areas, so you can charge more for your longer deliveries so you're not covering that additional expense without the additional delivery revenue. 

Speedy Tip
SpeedLine offers visual dispatch and mapping, allowing you to view on a map how many drivers you have out, what area or delivery zone they are in, and their ETA to allow for more efficient delivery and to start planning the following order(s).


Step 5: Customer Database

Having a customer database or CRM that allows you to keep track of and market to your existing customers can do wonders for your annual sales. According to the well-established 80/20 rule, 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. Therefore, a customer database allows you to focus on the customers already there while continuing to grow your revenue and bring in new repeat customers.

Speedy Tip
To make a customer database even more beneficial, your SpeedLine POS can prompt you with customer names when they call, birthdays, recent orders, and more - making the customer experience smooth and efficient, ultimately increasing your ROI.


Whether you have some of the above features or all of them, reporting on and validating how your POS is increasing your sales and growing your business (or not) is a game-changer in helping you see deeper into your business. So whether you are just checking in or looking to invest in a new POS, see how your POS measures up with the POS ROI Calculator.

POS ROI Calculator [Resource]


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