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When it comes to getting set up with a POS and credit card processor, bundled services can seem like a great one-stop shop for saving time and money. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes too good to be true; hidden costs that aren’t discussed when you’re first buying your bundle might have you paying a lot more than you bargained for.

That’s why we built the Bundled POS Calculator to help you see what your bundled POS costs are and what to look out for before you decide on your new POS.


Credit Card Processing Fees

When running a business, paying credit card processing fees is inevitable, but how much you pay for them can significantly affect your bottom line. Typically, the percentage you pay is a preset rate from a specific credit card processor as part of your bundle package. Those rates tend to be significantly higher than what you would negotiate. When you go the non-bundled route for your POS, you have the freedom to choose your credit card processor, negotiate lower rates, compare the rates between the processors, and go with the rate that will work best for your business.


Per Transaction Fees

Like credit card processing fees, the per transaction fees can add up fast and make a huge dent in your profits. Again with a bundled POS, often these fees are pre-determined with no room for negotiation. Whereas with a non-bundled POS you can explore your options and negotiate your fees, even two cents less per transaction can lead to significant savings, allowing for more money in your pocket. 

Even if the extra monthly costs from processing and transaction fees don't seem that bad, you might think otherwise when you see how much more you are paying in fees per year or after three years. You work hard for the money you make and want it to go back to you or to be invested back into your company⁠—not being thrown into credit card fees and never seeing the money again. Switching to non-bundled POS could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars a month or a year.


Hidden Fees

One more area in which bundled POS packages tend to be more expensive are the hidden costs of setup fees, surcharges, and installation costs. When reviewing your quotes, whether for a bundled or a non-bundled POS, ensure you see those charges included in the price. If you don't see those fees listed, there is a good chance that those are additional fees you will have to pay later.

So if you are in the market for a new POS, make sure you do your homework and are satisfied with the credit card processing fees and transaction fees offered, and that you know about hidden costs and how much they will cost you. Remember, don't go with a bundled POS just because it might be more convenient; it will likely cost you a lot more money in the long run. See how your rates compare and how much money you could save by running your numbers through the Bundled POS Calculator.

Bundled POS Calculator [Resource]


Try the Bundled POS Calculator.

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