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Cuare-del-Amante-delivery-driver-Ming-pairing-phoneHave you heard about the new SpeedLine Pay@ the Door? 

Pay@ the Door gives your customers the convenience and security of paying by credit card at the door, while reducing your costs.

Reduce Your Processing Rates and Chargeback Liability

If you process a lot of card-not-present delivery payments, you may have been delaying the expense of upgrading to EMV PIN pads. But chargebacks and higher card-not-present fees add up, and eat into your profit.

With EMV Pay@ the Door, every delivery payment is processed at the lower card-present rateā€”even online orders, which you may be processing at higher ecommerce rates today. With Pay@ the Door, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars each month in credit card processing costs and reduced chargeback liability. 

Offer Better Security and Service

Pay@ the Door uses mobile EMV chip card readers. The encrypted chip on the card protects against counterfeit fraud. And your customers may feel more secure not sharing credit card information over the phone or online. 

The EMV PIN pads also accept fast and convenient contactless payment options like tap and Apple Pay. The built-in percentage tip prompt means the customer does not need to have cash available to tip the driver, and there's no math required. Drivers love the improved tips too.

How It Works

When you use Pay@ the Door for delivery, no credit card information is entered into the POS at the store or online. Instead, drivers use the SpeedLine Pay@ the Door app on an Apple device, paired with a bluetooth EMV PIN pad, to accept card payments securely at the customer's door.

It works like this:

  1. Drivers take an Apple device (usually an iPhone) and a paired PIN pad on each run.
  2. At the customer's door, the driver scans a QR code on the printed delivery slip, which securely communicates the ticket number and payment amount to the mobile PIN pad.
  3. The driver hands the PIN pad to the customer, who follows the prompts to confirm the payment, and add a tip.
  4. The app sends encrypted information to Vantiv, and then indicates if the payment was approved, and for how much. Additional payments can be added, and StoreCard gift cards are also accepted.
  5. The driver gives the customer the food. 
  6. As the driver returns, all payments from the Pay@ the Door app synchronize automatically with Terminal, and a receipt is emailed to the customer.  


  • SpeedLine Pay@ the Door iOS app.
  • Ingenico mobile EMV PIN pad.
  • An Apple device with cellular data.
  • Integrated payment card processing with Vantiv Express.
  • Pay@ the Door is not currently available outside the USA.


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