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Online ordering is becoming more popular in every facet of commerce, with everything from online shopping and groceries to ordering food. Offering online ordering for your restaurant is a reliable way to stay accessible to your patrons, but does your online ordering platform help you stay ahead of the competition?

Our Online Ordering Score Calculator helps you see how your online ordering platform measures up and how you can improve the experience for your customers. Here are some of the metrics it prioritizes:


Menu Pricing Synchronization

Having your online ordering platform automatically synchronize with your restaurant’s menu pricing and coupons is crucial to ensure there are no discrepancies. If your customer sees something different online than what they see in-store, you might have some unhappy customers on your hands. Keep your customers happy with a positive ordering experience and peace of mind that your menu pricing and coupons will always be correct, 100% of the time with automatic synchronization

Speedy Tip
SpeedLine’s online ordering platform, SpeedDine integrates directly into your SpeedLine POS using the in-store pricing and coupons ensuring your customers always get current pricing and offers


Upselling Prompts

When your customers are placing an order in-store, your staff are there to ask if they want extra cheese on their pizza or any specialty dips on the side. When your customers are ordering from your website, your online ordering software needs to provide the same upselling services. After all, upselling prompts are an excellent method for encouraging your customers to purchase extra menu items that they might not normally consider.

Speedy Tip
SpeedDine offers upselling prompts throughout the whole ordering process, all the way from clicking the menu item and reviewing their order, to completing their purchase.


Paying with Credit & Gift Cards

Having the ability to accept credit cards and gift cards while paying online creates a much larger audience who can purchase from your restaurant, making it simple and easy to access by offering secure and contactless payment options.

Speedy Tip
SpeedDine offers the ability to use both credit cards and gift cards to pay online and allows the customer to save their credit card information to speed up the ordering process for future orders and keep them coming back more often. Additionally, SpeedDine supports multiple payment methods, so if you wanted to use your $20 gift card but your bill is $35 you, could use the gift card and then pay the balance with your saved credit card.


Guest Checkout

Having a guest checkout option to place an order might not seem like a big deal, but it makes customers more likely to complete their purchases. Some people might not want to create an account on your website so guest checkout gives them the ability to complete their purchase.

Speedy Tip
SpeedDine offers the ability to checkout as a guest, but if the user wants to create an account they will have access to features like reordering a previous order, their saved credit card, and more.


Mobile-Friendly Design

We’ve all been there, you go to a website on your phone or tablet and it’s all distorted, things don’t appear properly you have to do those awkward scrolls across to see the other side of the page or it just plain doesn’t work because features are not available on your device. This is a sure way to leave your customers feeling frustrated and maybe even cause them to leave your website and order from a competitor. Having your website be mobile-friendly is imperative in today’s world, with 69% of consumers ordering meals online using a mobile device

Speedy Tip
SpeedDine is not only mobile-friendly, it is designed to be mobile first! So whether it is being viewed on a phone, tablet, or computer, your customers will always have the same excellent user experience.


If you would like to see the strengths of your online ordering platform alongside opportunities for growth, try out the Online Ordering Score Calculator.

Online Ordering Calculator [Resource]


Try the Online Ordering Score Calculator

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