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Last week at the International Pizza Expo show, we introduced two new products to boost profits for restaurant operators.


SpeedDine is a new online ordering service for SpeedLine Point of Sale. The first SpeedLine service built on a new cloud platform, SpeedDine is designed to save time and increase online sales.

A great customer experience online has become an important key to restaurant revenue growth. Online ordering is more than an add-on: it is a mission-critical part of today's restaurant business. 

So why consider SpeedLine and SpeedDine?

There are some natural advantages. 

How much time do you currently spend updating and validating your online ordering menu?

  • Making sure that the in-store and online menus always match?
  • Dealing with price or SKU mismatches?
  • Handling occasional differences in coupons?

SpeedDine is a core piece of the SpeedLine platform. Most third-party online ordering partners use their own pricing engines, so there can be discrepancies from the price at the store. With SpeedDine, online orders are priced on the fly using the SpeedLine POS's pricing engine and coupons at the selected store location. So prices and coupons match the point of sale—every time. 

It’s not cookie-cutter. You tailor your site to your brand, and choose which items and offers to display and feature online. So it looks great. It’s designed for speed and reliable performance on new cloud platform built on Amazon Web Services—so it's quick and easy for your customers.

On top of that, SpeedDine is affordable—one flat fee for unlimited transactions.

A number of SpeedLine clients have been piloting the new SpeedDine platform since last fall, and now we are pleased to open up the new service for public release. 

Learn More About SpeedDine


EMV Pay@ the Door

We are also excited to announce a new delivery app for EMV payment at the door with a chip-enabled PIN pad.

If you have found it challenging to justify the upgrade to EMV in the restaurant when a large percentage of your sales are Card Not Present deliveries, Pay@ the Door could be the answer. The new EMV Pay@ the Door app could potentially save you hundreds of dollars each month in credit card processing costs and chargeback liability for delivery transactions—including online orders.

Payment Processing Savings

EMV payment at the door savings drop straight to the bottom line. Processing all delivery payments at lower Card Present rates can reduce the effective processing rate for those transactions by 0.5% or more.

For a pizzeria with an average order value of $20, based on current Visa US Interchange base rates, that translates to a savings of about 14 cents per transaction. Depending on order volume and delivery area, with EMV payment at the door, a pizzeria with delivery could save hundreds of dollars every month in reduced card processing rates.

The savings apply even to e-commerce orders. Using the new SpeedDine online ordering service, all online order payments for deliveries are processed at the door as well, at the same lower Card Present rates.

With online ordering representing 25 to 50 percent of many delivery operations’ sales, that represents significant savings and risk reduction.

Reduce or Eliminate Delivery Chargebacks

While some of our clients experience very few chargebacks, other operators report increasing losses every month in fraudulent delivery chargebacks. EMV payment at the door reduces restaurant owner liability for delivery chargebacks, increasing your savings. This could be a game changer for profitable restaurant delivery.

EMV Pay@ the Door currently requires Vantiv payment processing.

Visit this page to learn more, or to request a call to get started.


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