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The holidays are a busy time of year for restaurant owners and operators navigating an influx of orders for holiday parties, decreased staff availability, and changing store hours. See how you use SpeedDine to help prepare for and navigate the holidays and make your busy season go by smoothly:


Store Hours

As the festive season comes into full swing, restaurant owners have to adjust their hours accordingly—on some dates, they may extend their hours to accommodate late-night orders, while on others they may reduce hours so their staff can spend quality time with their loved ones. That’s why it’s essential to have an online ordering system that allows you to quickly and easily update your hours as necessary.

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With SpeedDine Online Ordering, you can remotely update your store hours the day of to accommodate busy holiday party hours. You can also adjust them weeks in advance so your customers always know exactly when you are open.


Deferred Orders

As the number of gatherings increases, so will the quantities of your orders, which can become difficult to manage without the right tools. Put your customers at ease by allowing them to defer or pre-order their meals so they have the peace of mind of knowing their orders will be ready when needed. This option lets you accurately determine how much inventory you will need for those days and if you should schedule a few extra hands in the kitchen.

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Promote your defer and pre-order services to your customers so they can plan accordingly.


Upselling & Crosselling

The holidays are an excellent opportunity to utilize your upselling and cross-selling strategies—encourage your customers to add a little extra to their orders. Whether you want them to add your holiday dessert to their order or they can have their pizzas made into a holiday shape for an extra $3, be sure to extend the offer!

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SpeedDine allows you to provide upsell and cross-sell throughout the customer’s purchase journey so they don’t miss out on your delicious offers.

Stay organized during one of the busiest times of the year with SpeedLine’s Online Ordering platform: manage your store hours and deferred orders while providing compelling upselling and cross-selling prompts to your eager customers. Learn more about how SpeedDine can help you manage the holiday rush, here.




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