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Pizza-Expo-2016.jpgWill we see you at Pizza Expo?  Visit SpeedLine in booth 1927 and in the Pizzeria 2020 exhibit in Aisle 1300.
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SpeedLine Technology Network News 

In this issue:

  • Connect GrubHub and other third-party ordering sites with SpeedLine Connect. 
  • Mercury's re-brand.
  • Introducing StoreCard

Chowly Integrates SpeedLine with GrubHub and More

ChowlyLogo_Sml.pngThird-party restaurant aggregator sites (GrubHub, DoorDash, Eat24, etc.) are an important sales channel for attracting new customers in some parts of the country. But manually re-entering orders received on a tablet or by email into your point of sale system can be time consuming and prone to errors.

That's where Chowly comes into the picture. 

Chowly improves restaurant efficiency by integrating third party online ordering platforms with your SpeedLine POS. It works like this:

  1. A customer orders online from GrubHub or another supported third-party channel.
  2. Chowly intercepts the order, translates it into the format SpeedLine understands, and sends it via SpeedLine Connect to the POS. It's instantaneous and error-free.
  3. The order prints at the appropriate kitchen printers, or displays on your kitchen monitors.
  4. The ticket automatically closes, completing the sale.

Aggregator sites typically deliver orders to a tablet in the restaurant or by email. So your staff have to first notice that an order came in (not always a given on a busy night), and then take the time to re-enter the order, hopefully without errors, into the POS.

Chowly, instead, delivers orders directly to the POS. Orders slide right into the production schedule in the kitchen. Nothing gets missed or delayed. Customers get their deliveries faster, and you reduce labor costs with no need to re-enter orders.

Contact SpeedLine for more information.

Mercury Gets a New Name


Over the past two years,Vantiv acquired the Mercury and Element payment brands, and is now uniting and rebranding them as Vantiv Integrated Payments. Although the name changed on Feb. 1, the products and customer support teams remain the same, so SpeedLine customers who use Vantiv for payment card processing will continue to receive the same level of care and expertise.

SpeedLine is making the change to the Vantiv brand name in our software, documentation, and marketing collateral. In the interim, you may still see the Mercury Payments name used in some places.

StoreCard: Rewards and Mobile Payments in One

mercury_storecard_sml.jpgStoreCard™, new with SpeedLine 7.2, is a combination mobile gift, rewards, and payment technology.

StoreCards use the same numbering scheme as MercuryGift cards, and can be swiped or keyed in SpeedLine like gift cards.

But there are big advantages to StoreCards:

  • Scan from a phone: Customers who dislike carrying cards in their wallets can load the StoreCard as a QR code on their phones for instant scanning with a 2-D bar code reader. 
  • Mobile rewards: You determine the reward amount, and every time customers use their StoreCard, they receive cash back loaded directly onto the card.
  • Mobile payment: Customers can convert a StoreCard into a digital gift/rewards/payment solution, and then use a smartphone to pay for their purchases.
  • Automatic reloading: Customers can link their StoreCard to a credit card for automatic reloads.
  • Add value online: Customers can add value to their StoreCards online rather than at the cashier, saving time and encouraging them to use their cards over and over again.
  • If you are already set up for MercuryGift, you can add the StoreCard with no change to your POS.
  • And StoreCard transactions are free and unlimited if you already process credit cards with Vantiv Integrated Payments.

Contact your Vantiv Integrated Payments rep or SpeedLine for more information.

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