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Your POS can help keep your customers in the loop by sending automatic order confirmation emails (for online orders) and delivery confirmation emails on dispatch (for both in-store and online orders).

To let your brand shine through, in SpeedLine both types of emails have customization options. Read on to see how you can make these messages your own.

Customizing Customer Confirmation Emails


Email Setup

For a confirmation email to be sent, SpeedLine must be connected to your email server, and an email address must be associated with the customer.

  • In-store, train order takers to ask customers if they would like to receive confirmation emails (and marketing offers, if you send those). Staff should record the email address and permission in the Terminal, Customer, Options window.
  • In SpeedDine, select the "Require Email Address for Guest Ordering" checkbox on the Company, Messaging panel. This will ensure customers who don't bother to log in to the ordering site still have their email address captured.

Speedy Tip
It's not required for confirmation emails, but if you may also want to send marketing offers and promotional emails at some point, select the Prompt for Email Promotion Opt-In checkbox in SpeedLine, and the "Opt in to News and Offers" checkbox in SpeedDine. This records customer permission to send marketing emails.

Order Confirmation Emails

These messages include the order details, quoted time (or quoted time range, if set), and order total. While the body of the email is always the same, you can customize the footer at the bottom for your business by entering a message, and using the formatting buttons above the field to format it to reflect your brand. You can even add links!


The Email Footer field in SpeedDine Admin.


Delivery Confirmation Emails

Sent for both in-store and online delivery orders, these can include variables like the driver's name and estimated arrival time, in addition to the order details (see an image of a delivery confirmation email on a phone, top right).

There's a lot of scope for customizing delivery confirmations. Try adding a few of the following:

  • The customer's first name (for a personal touch)
  • The driver's name and estimated arrival time (based on the suggested driving route and traffic volume, if using LiveMaps)
  • Menu items and order total
  • Images (logos, etc.)
  • Links to a website or online survey
  • Text with bolding, underlines, and italics

For help crafting a message, in Store Manager, press F1, or click the "Help with Tags" button below the Message Body field.

Speedy Tip
When online customers enter an email address during checkout, it will be added or updated on their customer record at the store. This is true for both SpeedDine (SpeedLine's online ordering platform) and for integrated third-party online ordering partners, provided they are sending customer info updates.

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