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Dual_Monitors_smlIn a busy pizzeria, every second counts. Even reducing a few button touches in your POS can knock off hours in labor over the course of a week, cutting costs and getting customers their orders faster.

This issue, we look at how to set up a dedicated dispatch station that will eliminate time spent logging into SpeedLine, and keep the Dispatch screen and delivery map always visible. Although used primarily for dispatch, when needed, employees can log in to access other POS functions.

Set Up a Dedicated Dispatch Station

Use these steps to set up a station that will allow access to the Dispatch screen when you start Terminal, without the need for a login, and show a map of deliveries.

Before Starting

  • You will need sufficient permissions to access the Security Privileges area of Store Manager.
  • To show LiveMaps continuously on a second monitor, you must have a computer that supports dual monitors, and must not be using a customer presentation display on the same station. Touchscreen monitors work best.

Caution-sign Caution: Be careful when changing security privileges, as misconfigured settings can prevent access to the system, or grant it to unintended persons.

How-To Steps

To Show the Dispatch Screen without Login:

  1. On the Store Manager Settings tab, click the Hardware group, and then click Station Options.
  2. In the station list, select the station that is to become the dedicated dispatch station.
  3. On the Configuration tab, check that the Inactivity Message After (secs) and Auto Log-Off After (secs) fields are set to 0 (zero). This will prevent automatic log-out after long periods without a button touch.
  4. In the Security Mode list, select User and Workstation. This will allow people who are not logged in to have the initial security privileges you set in the next step; after login, users will have their usual privileges.
  5. Click the Initial Security button to set workstation security.
  6. In the Security Privileges window, clear all check boxes except Terminal> General> View Dispatch.
    Note: Anyone with physical access to the station (including customers) will be able to view the Dispatch screen without logging in. Employees can log in to enter orders or access other functions.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click the Display tab.
  9. In the Initial Screen list, select Dispatch.

To Show LiveMaps on a Second Screen (If Using LiveMaps):

  1. On the Station Options Display tab, under LiveMaps, select Show LiveMaps on Second Screen.
  2. Select the Interactive option for a map that displays routes to deliveries, and has buttons for zooming and printing.

Save Changes and Refresh Terminal:

  1. On the Store Manager Edit menu, click Save Changes.
  2. Start or refresh Terminal on your new dedicated dispatch or pickup station. The Dispatch screen displays without the need for a login, and the Map window displays on the second monitor, if set to.

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