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If you've had a point of sale system for a while, entering orders is probably second nature by now. One of the things that makes order entry so easy to learn in SpeedLine is conversational ordering, which means you can enter menu items, quantities, sizes, and modifiers like toppings and crusts in any order. There's no need to translate "I'd like two large stuffed all-meat pizzas with extra cheese," into a specific sequence of button touches, because you can select the quantity, crust, specialty, and modifier in the same order the customer gave them to you.

Conversational ordering makes entering orders faster, but it's just one of the features that can speed up order entry and boost customer service. Below we explore eight more, and some you may not be aware of.

Top 8 Order Entry Features and How to Use Them

Check out these tips for streamlining order entry in your SpeedLine POS:

1. Topping Indicators - What's in That?

Red_dot_menu_buttonEver noticed the red dots that appear on topping buttons on the menu screens? Technically called "indicator bitmaps," the dots show you which toppings are included in the menu item. For example, when you touch the Hawaiian pizza button, dots appear on the ham, pineapple, mozzarella, and pizza sauce buttons. This makes answering customer's questions about what's included really easy. 

2. Easy Portioning - Halves, Thirds, or Quarters

SpeedLine lets you customize half portions with "first half" and "second half" buttons on the menu screen. If your menu has a "whole" button, you can use that to specify toppings to be on both halves. 

3. Menu Screen Defaults - Save Button Touches

Many pizzerias and sandwich shops offer menu items that customers can customize to their liking with chosen toppings and sauces. SpeedLine makes ordering these items faster, as you can specify a default "base" item for a menu screen. In this case, there is no need to touch an item button during ordering, as it is assumed any toppings you touch are to go on the base item, often a cheese pizza with pizza sauce. If you also set a base quantity of 1, you won't need a "1" quantity button, as a quantity of 1 will be assumed for anything on the screen, unless you touch a different number. 

4. Speed Comments -  Boost Customer Service

selection_notes_crop-webKeep drivers and kitchen staff informed, and make sure your customers get exactly what they want, by entering notes about an item, or the entire ticket. Terminal makes this faster by offering "pre-set" buttons for common notes like "don't cut" or "bake lightly," so that they can be added with one touch. Touch the Notes button on the menu screen to leave a note about the item you're ordering, or touch the Notes button on Full Review to leave a note that applies to the entire ticket, like "Bring change for a $50." 

5. Starting Over - It Doesn't Have to be Hard

Sometimes customers change their minds. If this happens while entering a menu selection, just touch the "Clear" button on the menu screen to start again. If you've already finished entering the first menu selection when the customer shifts gears, touch "Clear All" to remove it from the ticket. And if you've moved on to Full Review when the customer decides on something different, do one of the following:

  • Touch the item to change on the ticket display, and then touch the "Edit" button under the display to go back to the menu and make adjustments.
  • Touch an item on the ticket and then touch delete to remove just that item.
  • Touch "Clear All" to remove everything from the ticket.

6. Last Orders - Order "the Usual" in 2 Touches

You can serve your regulars quickly by recalling previous orders. On the Customer screen, "Last Order Information" shows the most recent order, or touch the "Last Orders" button to see all previous orders. Recall the order, and voila—instant satisfaction.

7. Question Mark Button - The Order Taker's Friend

help-notes-portion-clear-buttons-webLet order takers give customers accurate allergen, ingredient, and calorie information without asking other staff, or help your bartenders out with drink recipes. Just touch the question mark on the swoop, and then touch a menu button to pop up any notes entered in the menu.  

8. Order Entry Duration Summary Report - 

This section of the Day Report can show you if certain employees need coaching, or measure whether new ordering methods are making a difference. It shows the time from when a ticket is first created (from the Menu or Customer screen) until the time when it is completed (sent to the kitchen). 

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