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With online orders being such a major component of today’s business model, having an online ordering platform that works for you and your restaurant is crucial! However, it can be difficult to know exactly what functionality your online ordering platform should have for you to succeed.

To save you time, we have compiled a list of four important features your online ordering platform should have:



According to Nation's Restaurant News, 45% of consumers are more likely to order from restaurants that offer mobile ordering services or loyalty programs. Your customers don’t want to pinch and zoom to navigate your online menu awkwardly.  It’s guaranteed to cause frustration and have them leave your site without completing their purchase. Instead, provide your customers with a positive user experience that allows for easy navigation, scrollable pages, clear pictures, and easy-to-read text.

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SpeedDine is not just mobile-friendly— it’s mobile-first. Whether your customers order from a smartphone, tablet, or computer, they can expect the same intuitive and seamless user experience.


Enhanced Checkout Process

An efficient checkout process is key—you don’t want to create any points of friction that will discourage customers from completing their orders. Some great examples of features that are designed to streamline the checkout process include allowing customers to save their credit card information for future orders, accessing their order history to quickly reorder past orders, providing accurate quoted times for pickup and delivery, and automatically applying discounts.

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You can also redeem loyalty program points and edit items at checkout—even the most complex orders, like half-and-half pizzas.



Your online ordering platform is an extension of your brand; your customers should have the same welcoming experience as if they were to walk into your restaurant. Achieving this brand cohesiveness in your online store and your restaurant is a key component in building a consistent customer experience.

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SpeedDine offers the flexibility to customize your ordering site with your images, colors, descriptions, logos, layouts, and more to give that recognizable flare that is your brand.


Upselling & Cross-selling

On average, upselling increases revenue by as much as 30%. It’s important that your online ordering site replicates the upselling and cross-selling techniques that your staff conduct for in-person orders (after all, those extra dipping sauces and salads quickly add up). Your customers are already familiar with these techniques and will expect them throughout the online ordering process.

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SpeedDine helps you place upselling touchpoints organically throughout the online ordering process by offering deals, upsells, or items that pair well with the selected dish to provide that same engaging user experience that your customers would receive in-store.


To learn more about SpeedDine, SpeedLine’s integrated mobile-first online ordering platform, visit SpeedLine Online Ordering.

SpeedDine's Online Ordering


SpeedDine's Online Ordering 

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