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Gain insight into your business and make sound decisions based on near real-time data with SpeedLine’s Cloud Reporting & Analytics. View your in-store reports and new dashboards to help you to understand what drives your business, and increase your restaurant's profitability. 


Accessible Anywhere & Anytime

Access everything you need to know about what is happening in your business in near real-time from wherever you are with SpeedLine's Cloud Reporting & Analytics. The ability to gain important insight on your terms gives you the freedom to be in multiple places at once while keeping in touch with the needs of your restaurant.


Multiple Location Reporting

SpeedLine’s Cloud Reporting & Analytics even allows you to compare the locations side-by-side to see which one is performing better, which one has had more on-time deliveries, or which one has made its sales quotas for the month. Whether you have one, two, twenty, or a hundred locations, get a complete picture of what is happening in all your locations.

Speedy Tip
Compile reports to compare the data across all your locations at once and set up pulse alerts to notify you when a customizable threshold has been surpassed or has dropped below the required levels.



Quickly review reports at a high level and easily drill deeper into that data to gather the insights you need. Gather information on: 

  • Daily Sales
  • Discounts
  • Voids
  • Labor Costs
  • Delivery Performance
  • Coupon Usage

Access your store data as detailed charts, graphs, and heat maps filterable by time period, store, and more to fully understand what is taking place in your business. Set up custom thresholds for your business that send email alerts if a store goes outside those thresholds, and export your data into different formats such as Excel, CSV, and PDF.

Speedy Tip
The Notable Activity Dashboard allows you to see any unusual activity you have indicated that you want to track. Common examples are discounts after a ticket is saved, voids after a ticket is closed, and changes in online ordering hours.


Third-Party Integrations

SpeedLine’s Cloud Reporting & Analytics allows you to track all of your third-party integrations in one place. See a full breakdown of where your external orders are coming from and how they are performing against your online ordering platform. Integrated with SpeedLine 8, you can document how DoorDash Drive driver request functionality is performing, and if they meet your expectations for on-time vs. late deliveries, average pick-up time, and more.

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