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The holiday season is a busy time of year that brings many business opportunities—and it's fast approaching. To help your restaurant reach its full potential this season, here are three aspects of your business to focus on using your SpeedLine POS to make the holidays smoother for you and your employees.


1. Scheduling & Inventory

The holiday season does not need to be as stressful when you can make accurate sales projections based on previous sales data using SpeedLine’s Sales Forecast. With the information from your sales projections, you will see what to expect in your daily, hourly, and day-to-day sales. Your Sales Forecast data syncs with the Scheduling and Prep Planning tools so you can plan how much inventory you will need for the season and the staff you will need to schedule to be successful during the holiday rush.



2. Menu

Are you adding any seasonal dishes to your menu this year? SpeedLine allows you to add seasonal menu items to your POS and SpeedDine online ordering site for easy access for your employees and customers. Whether an item is on the menu for a brief period and is removed at the end of the season or promotion, or if the item becomes a permanent menu item, you have the flexibility to move the item to whichever part of the screen works best for your team.


Speedy Tip
With a SpeedLine Premiere Support subscription, one hour of menu changes per month is included for each store operating SpeedLine and/or SpeedDine.


3. Reporting

Reliable reporting is crucial for ensuring your restaurant’s holiday season is successful year after year. SpeedLine’s Cloud Reporting & Analytics allows you to analyze your previous holiday season data to make informed business decisions for this holiday season. Run reports to see which seasonal coupons were successful and which ones were not so you can decide whether or not you will be offering them again this year. Review what time of day your sales came in and decide if staying open an extra hour last year during the holidays was worthwhile enough to do again this year. 

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These are just aspects of your business that your SpeedLine POS can help ease the holiday season rush for your restaurant. If you need help preparing your restaurant for the holidays with SpeedLine, our Support Team is happy to help and can be reached at or 1-888-923-9185.

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