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You’ve heard the benefits, made the jump, implemented an online ordering app into your store, and now you have to get your customers using it. But how do you get them to make the switch and have this as their preferred ordering method?

We have compiled 3 great ways to make the transition to an online ordering app easier for you.

1. Share With Your Customers

Now that you have gone live with your ordering app, you have to get it in front of your customers. Knowing about it is half the battle, so why not spread the word with one of these strategies?


  1. Window decals
  2. Pop-up banners
  3. Posters
  4. Table-top cards
  5. Put it on the receipt

Speedy Tip
With SpeedLine’s Store Manager you can include custom messages at the bottom of your receipts to promote current or upcoming deals, encourage customer reviews, or even recommend a new dish.

A more modern and COVID-friendly approach is to utilize the power of QR codes. Put a QR code on all printed material, directing customers to download the app from their mobile device.


  1. Website
  2. Social media
  3. Email customer list

2. Offer a Promotion

Sometimes all your customers need is a little incentive. Consider offering a promo code or coupon for free delivery, 10% off the order, or a free dessert when they download the app, and they can use it on their first purchase.

Speedy Tip
SpeedLine makes using promotions and discounts simple; you can set up your advertisements in the system to track who is using them, how often, and where they came from.

3. Loyalty Program

Transition your paper loyalty stamp cards to the online app. Not only is it practical and efficient for you to track data within the app, but your customers also ditch the risk of losing or forgetting to bring the paper one. So now, instead of 10 stamps, it can be 10 purchases through the app for one free personal pizza or $10 off.

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promo online ordering app

Promoting Your Online Ordering App

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